Dogs & Hygiene

Anyone who has animals does not have a sterile home. That’s a fact. However, there are differences in the fur structure and the loss of hair, especially during the molting period. So the race is not unimportant here. In addition, you can teach your darling, for example, to have his paws cleaned before he goes further into the apartment.

There may also be a trick or two on how to avoid tufts of fur and paw tappers. Some dogs also slurp everything up when eating and drinking. You can definitely change something here because actually, every dog ​​is out to keep its territory clean. In the following article, I have summarized how it is possible to keep dogs and still keep them clean and tidy.

Dirty Causes

Where does the actual dirt in dogs come from? First of all, you have to be careful. Negligence is transferred to your dog, you have to reckon with that. A very big be-all and end-all when it comes to toilet training is the principle that hopefully, everyone follows: there must be enough walks and exercise to give the fur child really enough opportunity to empty its bladder. Puppies in particular still have to learn this anyway and elderly or sick animals may have a small bladder weakness. In addition, it is also possible that a few drops are lost because of a hormonal disorder or, for example, postoperative problems after castration. It is normal for fur and paws to get dirty, but as a human being, you have the opportunity to influence this.

Dirty Paws and Dirty Fur

Paw taps on the tiled floor can also be avoided if the dog is used to waiting until you have a towel to hand when entering the apartment. By the way, this works for all races. If there is a dog in front of the door, he is turned off with the command “Wait”. In the meantime, the command is no longer necessary and the dogs would no longer think of simply stepping in after a walk through the front door.

Since dogs are extreme philistines or creatures of habit or follow very structured procedures, we have the opportunity to first examine the animal for dirt and clean it accordingly. This includes rubbing the paws with a towel and, depending on the degree of soiling, a bucket of water is also used. The fur is also cleaned by mud from autumn and in summer we take the opportunity to carry out a short tick check. Once that’s all done, it’s off to the house.

The Days and the Change of Coat

If the female four-legged friends have to bleed regularly, you can consider putting on a kind of diaper if it is very bad or disturbing. But mostly it is only a few droplets of blood that you can wipe away immediately. Otherwise, it depends on the size of your bitch, so what diaper you use. Sometimes swimming trunks go over it or, for smaller dogs, a disused baby romper. But most dogs don’t like it at all and end up chewing the garment off simply because it’s unfamiliar.

It is clear that fur can be found in an apartment where dogs also go in and out. Daily vacuuming is a must, damp mopping is not so often possible. But especially at the time of the change of fur, it is advisable to give your dog a lot of stroking while you are still outside when you return from the walk and to leave the loose fur in front of the front door. Of course, this will not prevent you from discovering one or the other hair on the laminate floor, but the coarse tufts of fur, which sometimes shed when the fur changes, your darling won’t even have to drag home with him.

What You Can Teach the Dog

If you catch your puppy going about his business, call out his name in a stern voice and relatively loudly. Now he will immediately contract all his sphincters and it’s quick to get out, where there is a lot of praise.

Being able to wipe the fur child’s paws when it comes home, especially in the muddy autumn, ultimately only requires the usual commands and commands that need to be practiced until the dog can do them. The “sit” or “stay” allows you to do what you do here, but you should always have a towel by the front door. If you can even give your paw, the whole thing is really child’s play.

Dirt and Disorder Out of Defiance?

If your dog is chewing on objects or scratching on doors, you should definitely reconsider what is going wrong with the two of you. Has anything fundamentally changed? Does your dog have to stay alone longer than before? Or is there another new roommate?

If a young dog “suddenly” urinates back into the apartment, the question is: is this actually a matter of defiance? Because it is usually more the case that the practice and especially the praise are stopped too early. The dog simply needs it and its behavior is only just becoming established.

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