The Four-Legged Friend as a Guard Dog

It is widely known that every dog instinctively displays a certain hunting and prey instinct. Dogs were also not used for nothing as house and yard dogs to guard the family and, if necessary, to defend it. Right at the beginning, I distance myself from the fact that there are apparently still dog owners today who use violence to sharpen their dogs. The inhibition threshold of compulsion must never be exceeded and your dog is generally, by nature, a loyal soul that wants to do everything right for you. Likewise, every dog is inquisitive and very teachable. So we are not out to train dogs, but to use the natural protective instinct. This article is intended to explain this and provide a little insight into how you can use your dog as a house and yard dog.

How Do I Make My Dog ​​Understand That He Should Protect us in an Emergency?

Very important: You don’t show a dog that it can bite a human! He can and should report, but there should be no violence from any point of view. And usually, it is enough if a dog inspires respect simply by its appearance.

I also believe that if the dog has a healthy bond with its owner, it will automatically defend it. In addition, his home, including yours, is his territory after all.

You don’t use a dog as a “weapon”. So if you’re seriously thinking about motivating your limber to bite, you should urgently reconsider your morale. No dog has the potential for violence, I’m going to rule out self-defense reactions at this point.
Obedience just has to work beforehand.

Which Breeds are Particularly Suitable for This?

In the Schutzhund service, active dogs are used, i.e. animals that already have an inherent tendency to defend. The butcher dog, i.e. the Rottweiler, has a clear tendency to be a good farm dog.

But the big Swiss are also suitable, as is the German shepherd. And the Doberman inspires quite a bit of respect just by his appearance. This is also the case with the Dogo Argentino, for example, but all this does not mean that a smaller terrier is not up to the task, because:

If your dog gets along well with you as the owner and is already adequately acclimated, he will always protect you from the gut. And not only that – also your offspring. The four-legged friend will automatically keep an eye on the stroller and will also growl if someone approaches without permission.

What if I’m Unsure if My Dog ​​is Now Biting Lightly?

If you don’t teach your dog that people can be bitten at all, he won’t do it in effect either. However, there are protection dog training courses, but they are not intended for private use. If your dog is not trained as a guard dog because it is necessary for a job, this will not happen.
Incidentally, protection dogs, i.e. trained animals, are calibrated to the protective sleeve – and not to the human being.

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