Emergency & First Aid for Hamsters

The cage and exercise enclosure should be designed in such a way that no accidents can occur. Sources of danger must be eliminated. If something should happen, you have to act quickly. In any case, the injured hamster should take the shortest route to the vet, who will treat and care for it accordingly.

But you can also help the little one on the way there: If he has burned himself, then cool the burned area. You can dab small wounds with a Betaisodona solution. If there is contact with paint, you can cut out small patches of fur with nail scissors (with blunt ends). If the hamster has deeper wounds, bruises or there is even a suspicion of a broken bone, then you should not hesitate any longer and take the little one to the vet immediately.

Emergency cards


The emergency card set for owners of small animals, birds, fish, and terrarium animals contains small stop signs that you can put on cardboard, cover with foil and attach to the apartment door. If something happens to you or a fire breaks out in your home, helpers will know right away that there are animals in your home to rescue. Also included is an emergency card to keep in your purse or wallet. All you have to do is cut them out, fold them at the breakpoint, glue them together and fill them in. Should you have an accident or collapse unconscious, the card will surely be found and your animal will not be left uncared for.

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