Emergency & First Aid for Chipmunks

If the chipmunk is sick, quick action is required. A competent veterinarian who is familiar with squirrels and their treatment is also important.

As with all rodents, rapid action is required when chipmunks become ill. Due to the low body weight, the squirrels can quickly lose weight if they become ill. Electrolyte shifts and lack of insulation are the consequences that aggravate the actual disease. It is therefore important to look for a veterinarian in advance who is familiar with the treatment of chipmunks so that you have a contact address in an emergency. Avoid treatments with home remedies or even self-medication, these measures usually only take up unnecessary time and make later treatment by the veterinarian more difficult.

First measures

In the case of a sick squirrel, quick action is required. If possible, place the animal in a separate hospital cage that you line with kitchen paper as a floor covering. You should change this at least once a day to ensure optimal hygiene. Sufficient heat supply for the sick squirrel is also very important, as it loses weight as a result of the disease as described above and can therefore no longer maintain its body temperature itself. But don’t overdo it with the heat, because even high temperatures are not without danger for the squirrel. Radiant heaters, such as those used in terrorists, are ideal heat sources. It is important that the squirrel cannot get directly to the radiator, as this would result in bad burns. If you only hang the heater over one side of the sick cage, the sick squirrel can choose the temperature range in which it wants to stay. The temperature is ideal when you place your hand on the floor of the cage below the heat source and feel comfortable doing so. Also consider the increased loss of liquid due to the increased ambient temperature, which is why your squirrel always needs fresh water and juicy fruit.

Handling medication

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that owners treat their fosterlings themselves with medication. Such treatments are sometimes even recommended on the Internet, but this can have fatal consequences for the sick squirrel. Many over-the-counter medications are simply ineffective on squirrels. In addition, self-treatment takes time, which later makes treatment by the vet more difficult.

Self-treatment with antibiotics is absolutely irresponsible. Firstly, it does not guarantee a cure, because viruses, for example, do not react to this type of medication, secondly, the improper use of antibiotics ensures that resistance develops on the part of the pathogens, which is ultimately dangerous not only for the animal but also for the owner.

Emergency cards

The emergency card set for owners of small animals, birds, fish, and terrarium animals contains small stop signs that you can put on cardboard, cover with foil and attach to the apartment door. If something happens to you or a fire breaks out in your home, helpers will know right away that there are animals in your home to rescue. Also included is an emergency card to keep in your purse or wallet. All you have to do is cut them out, fold them at the breakpoint, glue them together and fill them in. If you have an accident or collapse unconscious, the card will certainly be found and your animal will not be left uncared for.

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