English Setter: Exceptional & Beautiful in Every Way

He seems aware of his tradition and initially keeps a dignified distance. Once he has gained confidence, the English Setter inspires with his friendliness towards humans and animals. When hunting, he shows himself to be a professional and, as a pure family dog, insists on long walks with retrieval games

English Setter: the aristocrat among hunting dogs

Four centuries of refinement breeding have made the English Setter an ornament of its breed, and not just on the outside. It is said to be closely related to the Pointer, English Spaniel, and Water Spaniel. The nobles swore by his talent as a bird dog. All of today’s English Setters can be traced back to the development of Lord Edward Laverack, who devoted his heart to breeding this friendly hunting dog in the 19th century. He coined the color term Belton, with which the setter colors are declared. Anyone who is willing to offer the English Setter the exercise and demands it needs will have a loyal and accommodating family dog ​​in the house for many years to come.

Nature: fine like his appearance

When kept correctly, the English Setter proves to be a real treasure. And two lovable souls live in his breast: the initially distant, reserved one, which conveys an almost aristocratic touch. And the next moment the child appears in the setter: foolishly frolicking and almost effusively cuddly. In education, he quickly understands what is expected of him. He also readily builds strong relationships with his humans (big and small).

Education and attitude: Here comes your personal trainer

One thing must be clear to you: With an English Setter, a highly motivated hunting dog comes into the house. 400 years of retrieval are in every gene of this beautiful dog. Less active people should carefully consider getting this lively and vigorous animal. Because it is also quite suitable as an apartment dog, its character only remains friendly as long as its temperament and intelligence are fully utilized. That means long walks in nature in any weather and ideally a fenced, large property where the hunter can live out his instinct to run safely. The upbringing of the puppy is quite easy thanks to its nature.

Grooming the English Setter

Field, forest, meadow, water, mud – the splendor of the fine coat actually contradicts the fun of being out and about cross-country. It is therefore important that, in addition to the daily brushing appointment, the coat is untangled and leaves and dirt are removed. Basically, it is no wonder that an English Setter can easily live to be 15 years old. His genetic constitution is stable. 

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