First Equipment Dog

A dog moves in! Be it a puppy or an adult dog, the time when your first dog moves in is very exciting. Here we have summarized what you should definitely get so that you and your dog can get through the first few weeks together as happily and stress-free as possible.

Initial Equipment for a Dog – What Needs to be Considered?

A dog’s initial equipment is perhaps best categorized by the different elements in a new dog’s life. This includes:

  • Transport home from the breeder/previous owner
  • the first night at home
  • meals
  • walks
  • care and veterinarian
  • education
  • toy
  • insurance

For each of these areas, we have written down what we consider to be particularly important for your dog’s initial equipment. At the end of each paragraph, we have summarized them in a checklist.

Transportation of the dog

You can use various things to transport the dog from the breeder or previous owner to your home. It is particularly good if you take an accompanying person with you. This allows one person to keep an eye on the dog and the other to drive safely without distraction. For the first transport, many dogs may find it nicer to sit on a cozy blanket on the passenger’s lap. In the long term, however, the dog should be accustomed to traveling in a secure dog box. This frames the dog and gives him support while driving so he doesn’t tumble through the car. Alternatively, you can also attach a grid between the trunk and the rear seats so that your dog has the entire trunk space available. If your dog prefers to be with you all the time, you should let him ride in the back seat and buckle him up with a special dog belt.

Also, remember to take some treats and water with you on this trip. You can simply take water with you in a PET bottle and offer it in a bowl. Or you can buy a dog water bottle as a precaution. These often come with an integrated bowl, so you only have to think of one part. Puppies in particular can sometimes use a little extra security on the drive home. Our tip: take a piece of cloth or an old t-shirt and rub it briefly on the mother dog. So the little one takes a small piece of home with him to his new home.

Depending on who you pick up your dog from, you will be given a harness, a collar, and a leash. Or not. In this case, you should definitely take a harness with you that you assume will fit the dog. You should also take a leash with you to be on the safe side. In addition, not all dogs can drive a car. It is therefore advisable to take a roll of kitchen paper or an old towel with you in case your new dog has an “accident” in the car. Poop bags are also useful for long car journeys where you have to take a pee break for the dog.

The first night at home – initial dog equipment

For the first night at home and of course also as a retreat during the day, your dog definitely needs a bed. This can be a soft mattress, for example. Or you buy a basket for your dog, which you cover with a soft blanket. Also, some dogs love to retreat into a box, which is like a den for them. You may be able to find out beforehand what your dog prefers. Otherwise, it’s all about trying out and observing what your dog likes. It is important that the mattresses have a washable cover, as a lot of dirt can accumulate in the dog kingdom over time.

In addition, it can make sense to buy a fireplace screen or a stair gate. This allows your dog to have its own area to retreat to at the beginning. Be it in front of other dogs already living in the household. Or in front of children. In this way, you ensure that his dog feels safe and that there are no stress-related arguments.

Meals – initial equipment dog

So that your puppy grows and thrives well, or so that your new, adult dog is well looked after and has enough strength to play, romp, and train, you naturally need food and a feeding bowl. The food and water bowl should be the right size for the dog. We recommend using a bowl with a non-slip base. This ensures that there is no noise or food flying around, even for dogs that happily lick the bowl after eating. A bowl pad (e.g. made of silicone) can also ensure that the bowls do not slip away. They also reduce the degree of pollution caused by small pieces of food and water flying around while eating. It is particularly good if the bowl pad can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

You should also think about the right food in advance. Breeders often give some food or a food recommendation. The puppies are already used to this food and can tolerate it well. You can use this food to gradually get your dog used to its new food. Dogs that come from an animal shelter, for example, are often fed what is donated, so no special type of food is given here. It is therefore advisable to already have the right food at home.

We discuss here which food is well suited and why. We generally recommend wet food with a high meat content, such as Anifit dog food. In order to make it easier to get used to the new dog food from the previous dog food, it is often advisable to cleanse the intestines. Good bacteria and substances that are needed by helpful bacteria are put into the dog’s food. This regulates the intestinal flora and makes the dog more robust and generally healthier.

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