First Equipment for Puppies

A collar and leash for the puppy should not only look nice but also have a function. The most important is that they do not burden the small dog.

The basic equipment

Even before the puppy moves in, the basic equipment should be obtained, which definitely includes a collar and leash. It can still be very easy for the little ones since they will outgrow it quickly anyway. The puppy collar has to fulfill two tasks: You have to be able to hold the dog securely on it. And it should fit the dog.

What to look out for when shopping

We recommend a light nylon collar, infinitely adjustable, plus a maximum 2 m long leash. It is important that this is not too heavy, otherwise, it will be too much of a burden for the little one. When buying, you should not forget that the initial equipment is not only used for walking, but also for taking the first educational steps, so stability is a criterion. The basic equipment usually fits up to the fourth or fifth month, then everything has to be bought one size larger.

The collar

From the age of eight months, you can start thinking about how the leash and collar should look for the adult dog. Now it is already foreseeable what he will need for a collar size. Above all, a good collar must fit snugly and must not chafe or in any other way impede or be uncomfortable for the dog. Most collars are buckled like a belt, which often leads to problems: if it’s too loose, the four-legged friend slips out backwards, if it’s too tight, it hinders him.

The leash

Leashes are expensive and experience has shown that they don’t last as long as a collar. That’s why you should always have a reserve on hand, especially if your four-legged friend likes to nibble on leather. The first decision when buying a leash will be one of length. Very popular with many dog ​​owners are flexible leashes, which offer the four-legged friend a lot of exercises. This leash is less suitable for the training phase since you have almost no possibility of influence with it. The approximately 2 m long leashes are better here. It is important that the leash fits the dog in terms of width, length, and, above all, weight. Whether it’s a simple leather leash or a jewel-studded showpiece, the dog doesn’t care. The main thing is that you finally release the snap hook so that he can really let off steam.

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