Puppies Acclimate: This is How It Quickly Feels Comfortable

The puppy is here! The new family member has to get used to a lot. Read here how your puppy quickly feels comfortable with you.

When you have already equipped your home for your puppy and he is finally allowed to arrive in his new home, an exciting time begins. Both you and your puppy will need to adjust to some changes. Find out what you can do to give your puppy a good start in his new life and how he will quickly become comfortable with you.

Take a lot of time for the puppy

Initially, your puppy will need you by your side to adjust to their new life. It is best to take a kind of “parental leave” for this: the more intensively you live with your dog in the first few weeks, the faster and more deeply it develops a bond with you.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to puppies: even an adult dog needs time to get used to its new surroundings and new people.

Live everyday life

Right from the start, stick to the daily rhythm that you and your dog will later be subject to. It would unsettle the dog if you were there for him 24 hours a day at first and then suddenly three weeks later it changed again.

Convey security

We want your puppy to feel safe and secure with you as soon as possible. It can help him if he notices familiar smells in an unfamiliar environment after being separated from his family. Perhaps you can take a cloth or blanket from the breeder.

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