Frenshund: Dachshund & French Bulldog

Frenshund is a designer breed of dog, a cross between Dachshund and French Bulldog. These pets have inherited the best qualities of their parents! They are friendly, loyal, attention-loving dogs that do not tolerate loneliness. To understand if this dog is right for you, let’s take a look at some basic information about its possible appearance, care, etc.

History of the Origin of Designer Dog Breeds

Today, designer dog breeds have begun to enjoy wild popularity. Designer breeds are the result of crossing purebreds
representatives of two different breeds. The main purpose of their breeding is by no means beauty, as it may seem at first glance, a combination of the best qualities of one and the second breed in one animal.

The procedure for crossing two breeds began to come into vogue in the 50s of the 20th century: then for the first time at the court of the English ruler Elizabeth II, the Dachshund, and the Corgi were combined. The resulting breed was named Dorgi. Then, in the 60s, the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mestizo were bred in a similar way.
Only at the end of the 20th century in cynology such a concept as “Designer dog”.

The main goal pursued by breeders is the elimination of hereditary pathology with animal health. Designer dogs must have better health and not suffer from genetic pathologies, unlike their purebred relatives. But this is purely theoretical, but in practice, puppies may appear who have inherited all hereditary ailments.

Also, the second task of breeders is to improve the character of the animal, because most designer dogs are intended for keeping in a family. But in this case, also it is impossible to unequivocally assert that a born animal will have an angelic character. The third goal is to breed a hypoallergenic dog breed.

It is not known exactly when and where the first Frenshund appeared, but thanks to the breeders we learned about this wonderful designer breed, which is gaining popularity in all corners of the world every year!

Frenshund Appearance

The appearance of the designer breed is always a mystery, and it is impossible to know in advance what the puppy will be. The Frenshund is likely to be a small dog with a short to medium coat. Colors can be varied. To better understand what to expect in Frenshund’s looks, let’s take a look at the parents’ looks.


These are medium-sized, but very strong and hardy dogs, with a squat, elongated body, an elongated narrow muzzle, and short limbs. Height: 5-6 inches at the shoulder. Weight: 16-33 lbs. Colors: yellow-red and pure red of various shades, black, gray, or brown with rusty-red or yellow clear markings, marble of the listed colors. For wire-haired color is characteristic from light to dark shades.

French Bulldog

The most notable feature of the breed is its square and broad head with a prominent, wrinkled forehead and a snub nose. The eyes of French Bulldogs are bulging and large. The look is lively, intelligent, good-natured. And the ears are very large with rounded tips. Height: 12-16 inches at the shoulders. Weight: 40-55 lbs. Color options: fawn, white, black, brindle, spotted, beige, white brindle, blue, cream.


The nature of Frenshund can not always be predicted, but negative traits can be corrected with the right upbringing. Most often these dogs are wonderful pets. The Frenshund can easily adapt to any conditions, it is a contact dog that will itself seek out the society of family members. She can play with the child, watch the owner, or just lie with you in front of the TV. Frenshunds are real psychologists, they are very sensitive to people and are guided in the environment. They will protect their master from strangers and defend their territory if the person is unpleasant to them. Little Frenshund is fearless, he embodied all the qualities inherent in his brave parents. It is very difficult to stop him if he rushed into battle or grabbed the enemy. When going for a walk with the Frenshund, be sure to keep him on a leash and stop him from fighting other dogs.

Frenshunds become attached to people very quickly, so it is very difficult for a dog to get used to a new owner in adulthood. Treat your pet with full responsibility, because this little protector will become a real friend for you. Requirements for physical activity in these dogs are minimal, so this is an excellent option for older people and keeping in apartments.


Frenshund’s care requirements will depend on which parent he looks like. A coat of medium length requires more maintenance than a short one. Small puppies benefit from a soft brush massage. The coat is an indicator of how well your pet is doing. If she suddenly faded, it’s time to think about what is missing in the pet’s diet.

Bathing the Frenshund is not often necessary, these dogs love water, but they need to be accustomed to it from an early age so that washing does not turn into a punishment. Examine your pet’s ears and eyes carefully. Every two weeks, the ears need to be cleaned, and the eyes should be wiped with a cotton swab moistened with water every day. It is also worth remembering that dogs of this breed have rather fragile teeth that grind off quickly, so you should not often feed them with bones. Rodents and dry food will be helpful. Frenshund needs to be clipped from time to time.


Frenshunds require careful diet selection as they are prone to digestive problems, food allergies, and obesity. Choose quality ready-made dry food only holistic and super-premium. Buy a bowl for your pet with an upright, height-adjustable stand, access at chest level. Change the water every day, remove the remaining feed immediately.

If you are planning to feed naturally, stick to the recommended foods list:

  • raw lean meat, cut into pieces;
  • boiled sea fish without bones;
  • porridge;
  • seasonal vegetables and fruits (primarily green);
  • chicken eggs;
  • fermented milk products.


Frenshund may be predisposed to eye problems, patellar dislocation, hereditary deafness, eye problems, urolithiasis, reverse sneezing, brachycephalic syndrome, head concussions, hip dysplasia, skin problems, tail problems.
Note that these are just common problems in both breeds.


Frenshund is a rapidly gaining popularity designer dog breed that has won the hearts of many people with its exceptional charm and unusual appearance. And their inherent friendliness, lovingness, sharp mind, and relatively small size make these pets excellent companions and truly family dogs.

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