The Small Italian Greyhound descends from the short greyhounds that already existed at the court of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The breed came to Italy via Greece in the fifth century BC. It was most widely used in the courts of the nobility during the Renaissance. It is not uncommon to find the Italian greyhound depicted in the paintings of the greatest Italian and foreign masters.

General Appearance

The Small Italian Greyhound has a long-lined appearance, the body is square, the head narrow and long, overall this dog resembles a small Greyhound or Sloughi. The hair is short and fine all over the body. Allowed Colors: Solid Black, Gray, Slate Gray, and Yellow. White is only tolerated on the chest and feet.

Behavior and temperament

Restrained, tender, and docile, this is how the character of this graceful dog is described. In addition, this dog loves company and will do everything possible to be as close as possible to its human at all times, and flirts – usually very successfully – for the attention of those around it. Aggression or diva-like behavior is alien to this dog, he prefers to rely on his charm.

Need for employment and physical activity

While the smallest of the greyhounds, the greyhound is by no means as fragile as its name might lead us to believe. This dog is hardy and capable of handling a greyhound race. Running is his passion, so make sure he can live it too.


The Italian greyhound has a high level of intelligence and a gentle charm. This mix is ​​so adorable that some owners neglect to train the dog. The dog understands rules very quickly, but you have to clearly show him his limits, otherwise, he tends to overestimate himself.


The greyhound’s short coat does not require any special care.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

These dogs are extremely sensitive to cold and can catch a cold easily.

Did you know?

Wind chimes are real sun worshipers and love warm temperatures. So if you want to make your wind chime very happy, give it a blanket.

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