Halloween: Avoid Stress for the Dog

Spooky decorations, spooky costumes, and kids roaming the neighborhood ringing the doorbell demanding trick-or-treating: It’s Halloween. Read here how to keep your dog relaxed on Halloween night.

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the evening of October 31st. The house or apartment is decorated in a spooky way, be it with spider webs or bats. Hollowing out pumpkins, whose nasty faces are then illuminated by tea lights, is particularly popular. There’s also a lot going on in the neighborhood. Children go from house to house demanding “trick or treat?”. But dogs can be overwhelmed by the constant encounters with strangers in strange costumes.

Avoid stress for the dog

Halloween can be stressful for our dogs. If the doorbell keeps ringing and strange voices echo through the apartment or house, you should reduce the excitement for your four-legged friend. Avoid having the dog in the entrance area or near the front door. There’s no harm in putting him in a room where he can be left alone.

Decoration, sweets and disguises

It is best not to leave your dog unattended with the Halloween decorations. Dogs can be curious, sniffing at the new objects or accidentally knocking something over. Above all, you should always keep an eye on decorative objects with burning candles or tea lights so that no accidents happen. Also make sure that the decoration is not too small if your dog is an omnivore.

Sweets are also taboo for dogs. You shouldn’t dress up your four-legged friend. It may look funny, but it can also be dangerous and causes more stress than joy for your dog by restricting his freedom of movement. Dog clothing only makes sense in certain cases.

Get out in the fresh air in daylight

Take your evening walk a little earlier on Halloween night when it’s still light. Firecrackers or firecrackers may be fired, so be alert. Better safe than sorry.

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