Holiday Apartment with a Dog: You Have to Take This Into Account

With these 10 tips, a holiday in a holiday apartment or holiday home will be a pleasure for both you and your dog. Here you can find out what you should consider when choosing the holiday apartment and on site.

Whether it’s a beach vacation, a mountain excursion, or a city tour – the dog should always be with you on vacation. At least 40% of the dog owners surveyed said so in a forsa survey. Vacation rentals are very popular with dog owners. You can read here what you need to look out for in order to find a holiday home that is as dog-friendly as possible and what you can do on site to make your dog feel comfortable too.

1. Check offers thoroughly

When looking for a holiday apartment, concentrate on offers that explicitly focus on the topic of “holidays with dogs”. After all, your dog should feel comfortable on holiday. Accommodations that not only tolerate dogs, but where dogs are really welcome, are therefore essential. These providers also tend to make information about local holiday regulations that affect dog owners more easily accessible. Find out more before you book accommodation.

2. Pay attention to the accessories

Important dog accessories should be available in a dog-friendly holiday home. Before booking, make sure that the following items are on site:

  • food bowl
  • water bowl
  • sleeping basket or blanket
  • enough blankets, sheets and towels

However, if your dog prefers to take familiar items from home with you on holiday, you can of course also take your own equipment with you.

3. Disposal of dog waste

On holiday, the same applies as at home: the dog owner disposes of the pile in the garden or even inside the holiday home. You should find out in advance whether there are enough poop bags in the holiday home.

4. Your dog might shed

Ideally, there is also a brush in the holiday home. If not, you should take one with you. Dogs often shed in warm, sunny countries. You can use the brush to catch dog hair that falls out so that it does not spread around the holiday home.

5. Pay attention to hygiene

Cover the couch and chair with towels, blankets or sheets so your dog can’t get them dirty. Clean your dog’s dirty paws and dry his wet fur before he walks through the door. If the apartment remains clean, you will be spared any fees for the final cleaning.

7. Clarify medical care

Find out in advance whether standard medications are available for your dog in the holiday home. Before leaving, you should also know whether and where there is a veterinarian or an animal clinic near the holiday home. So you can act quickly in an emergency.

8. Check muzzle and leash requirements

To avoid trouble with other holidaymakers, you should find out whether there is a muzzle or dog leash requirement at your travel destination. You must adhere to this during the holiday. There are often special dog beaches or forests where dogs are allowed to walk without a leash. Find out in advance where there are such places near your holiday home.

9. Find lost dog

With a special dog holiday stamp, there is a better chance that your dog will find you again if it gets lost or runs away. The stamp contains the address of the apartment and a telephone number where you can be reached.

10. Create orientation

Once you have found out where the most important places, such as supermarkets and veterinary surgeries, are, you should plan routes from your holiday home. You will quickly find your way in the new environment. This also has an effect on your dog: he will notice that he can use you to orientate himself even in this unknown place.

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