How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping Over the Fence?

I’m always happy when I see that our magazine is also popular on the social network and, above all, lively. As you have probably already noticed, I am very happy to respond to questions, problems, and suggestions. Every puppy, young dog, and elderly dog is unique, has character, and is inquisitive. Of course, this also results in a wide variety of everyday difficulties and some quirks crystallize from time to time.

Today I am dealing with how you can wean your dog off the habit when he climbs over your garden fence. Because the consequences can be fatal: Nobody knows what the four-legged friend picked up in the wild and unfortunately it happens more and more often that poisoned baits have been deliberately laid out. Even dangers, such as highways, cannot always be correctly assessed by the fur child. High spirits are seldom good – sometimes there is also a sugar-sweet, but unplanned surprise when suddenly offspring is approaching because the dog or bitch has once piled up.

The Problem: Dog Jumps Over the Fence

Some breeds particularly like to jump – there are no limits here, every fence and every reasonably manageable wall is quickly taken as a hurdle. Whether it’s your own garden fence or numerous others afterward: you have to get that under control.

An Electrical Solution?

Even dog schools are now advising the use of an electric collar until the dog gets rid of this bad habit. It is questionable whether this path is the right one and opinions will definitely differ here! I personally find this solution highly unsympathetic.

Especially dogs with an affinity for the ball find it difficult to accept a “no”. Here the dog school can explicitly go into learning this command through and through. Here, all game balls are provoked until it finally turns into sweat and blood, which means a “no” and that this is an uncompromising command.

Conditioning with the Towline

If your fur child doesn’t obey and wants to storm, you have to assert yourself clearly. Practicing with a towline can do wonders. This requires time, patience, assertiveness, a clear voice, and lots of walks to try. The gas laps may be increased in their appeal. And then you can practice again in your own garden, so to speak at the scene of the event.

Does Raising the Fence Help?

That would be the most trivial first thought. But let’s be honest, just between us: zoo animals are locked up and not trained. All of this is possible with your own dog. And quite apart from the fact that this is an ethical question: Do you really know how high your dog can jump? It is amazing what strength even very heavy animals have. In the worst case, however, you could fall back on a mobile pasture fence (without electricity, of course!), so that your dog would have to climb two fences at the same time. This becomes more difficult and gives you time to practice ball weaning and the like.

Clicker Training

For example, if you are so far with your four-legged friend that others can play football in front of his eyes and he stays seated and obeys your command, you should click and – very importantly: be rewarded! You should therefore always carry a treat with you in your trouser pocket.

The Command

Commands, just like “No” and “Here” just have to be right. Please deal with that first. If the dog obeys, it will be rewarded. And beyond that, he will no longer dare to make the leap from home. In general, however, one thing should be emphasized: dogs do not belong unattended. And basic obedience will always take precedence over motivation to do nonsense. A dog also needs to be mentally busy, which alone can be the reason for this bad habit of climbing over the garden fence.

More Tips and Suitable Fences

If you don’t yet have a fence in your garden or if you want to replace the existing solution with a more modern fence variant: We have collected lots of tips about garden fences in the dog fence section.

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