How to Get the Dog to Stop Jumping?

Dog owners know the problem, you want to go to work and you’re wearing your good stuff and Bello jumps up on the light-colored suit with his wet paws. The joy is gone and you get angry about this behavior. This does not have to be the case, because even small dogs can discard this negative behavior with tips and tricks. In the case of large dogs, it is possible that you will still land on your back because he is violently knocking over the owner or the neighbor. Jumping is in the nature of the dog, but as a human, you must not tolerate it.

In young dogs, this behavior is a ritual of greeting and submission. The puppy wants to touch its mother’s snout and beg for food. If the dog jumps up on a person, the dog should not be observed under any circumstances.

In addition, no reaction should follow. So no touching, no speaking, no looks, even a “no” or a defensive hand can motivate the dog at this moment. The owner should turn around and ignore him without comment. If the dog sits down with or without a command, then of course it deserves a lot of praise. When visiting neighbors or strangers, any greeting should be discouraged until the alternative ritual has been rehearsed.

Not only the dog has to learn, but also the guests have to learn that the owner has to be greeted first. Consistency is the be-all and end-all, so getting used to start will also take a lot of time. However, the owner should stay tuned and inform the environment. This is the only way the dog will break this habit and things will stay clean.

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