How Much Does a Cat Cost?

A beautiful relationship begins with their purchase. However, a cat needs more than a toilet and a play mouse. Prior planning makes it clear what expenses you will have to meet for a species-appropriate life for your cat. Only then should you start looking for the new velvet paw. How much does it cost to keep a cat including equipment, food, and veterinarian? Read this guide so that no unpleasant surprises spoil the togetherness.

Monthly fixed costs – an outlook and overview

You already have her in mind: the all-around happy, well-groomed and healthy cat. In reality, this condition is associated with some financial commitment. As the cat gets older, the scope of medical care often increases. A lot can, but not everything has to, actually come your way. In addition to a litter box (per cat), the starter package includes at least one scratching post, bowls for food and water, a place to sleep, and various toys such as small furry mice. Take a look at the list below and then decide whether you not only have perfect love but also the necessary funds if the worst comes to the worst.

  • Purchase – depending on breed and age between 100 and 1,500 euros
  • Food and bedding – between 25 and 50 euros per month
  • Equipment – from bowl to scratching post from just under 100 euros
    neutering for outdoor cats – for cats about 100 euros; Hangover at 50 euros
  • Cat costs for the vet – vaccinations of the basic immunization at 160 euros; Follow-up vaccinations around 100 euros per year; for operations, depending on the occasion, in the four-digit range
  • Holiday replacement – “Replacement cuddle costs” between 0 and 20 euros per day including food

There are also other individual purchases such as a transport box, care items, cat net, dishes, and leash or scratching facilities (especially important for indoor cats).

The dream of a purring ball of fur: How much does a cat cost?

It is the German’s favorite pet – and rightly so. Cats are usually cheaper than dogs in terms of maintenance costs – not least because there is no tax. And if she wants to go outside, you don’t necessarily have to accompany her. Especially when the weather is bad, many a dog lover envies the owner of a cat.

Maybe you already have a solid idea of ​​your dream cat. Impressive breeds like the Ragdoll and the Maine Coon are high in popularity, but also in terms of acquisition costs. The price for a cat quickly rises above 1,000 euros from the breeder. If it doesn’t have to be a purebred cat with a pedigree, there are many wonderful animals in all age groups waiting at the animal shelter. The protection fee for mediation is usually in the lower three-digit range and includes a medical examination plus the necessary vaccinations. Many animal shelters also offer good advice in the early days – this can be particularly valuable for newcomers to keeping cats. With a bit of luck, your cat or tomcat will come “free home” because friends are expecting animal offspring.

In health as in illness – not without the veterinarian

Recurring costs for cat vaccinations are essential. And the trip outdoors is not always without injuries, which sometimes require a visit to the vet. Unlike indoor cats, your animal can expect a lot of fun outdoors, one or the other scuffle, but also numerous dangers to physical integrity. In addition to health care, the veterinarian of your choice is willing to take care of the claws, which is not always easy. This is more common in indoor cats than in outdoor cats. The veterinarian is also a dentist: Here, too, the costs quickly increase if general anesthesia is required to remove tartar or tooth decay.

More and more communities are obliging cat owners to neuter their free-ranging pets. The costs for cats are higher than for tomcats. By the way: At the beginning of the year, many animal welfare associations offer generous grants for this procedure. It is best to have a tattoo or a transponder placed in this context. Please do not forget to register this data with TASSO e.V. free of charge. In this way, the animal can be easily assigned at any time in the event of a loss.

Topic insurance: which ones make sense?

Operations and lengthy treatments are rather rare, but in the worst case, they are in the three to four-digit euro range. Health and surgery insurance is risk insurance: Sometimes you don’t need it for a (cat’s) life. The younger the animal, the lower the premiums. If you’re adopting an older pet, it can be mathematically advantageous to take out a loan to pay off upcoming high medical expenses rather than lifelong payments.

In comparison to animal owner liability for dogs or horses, the private liability insurance of the cat owner covers various claims for damages at a flat rate. This includes scratch marks in the rented apartment as well as injuries caused by bites or scratches. Check with your insurer to see if damage caused by a cat is covered.

Holiday for you and the cat: How much does a cat sitter cost?

If you treat yourself to a well-deserved break from everyday life and don’t have your own cat-proof holiday home, help is needed. Ideally, your cat stays in its own territory and is cared for by a loved one who you and the animal trust. Alternatives are offered by experienced cat boarding facilities or possibly the animal shelter where you adopted your little darling. While the domestic care can perhaps be compensated with a souvenir, you have to reckon with a pet sitter or an animal boarding house with a daily price of around 5 – 20 euros depending on the local facilities. There may also be a feed supplement.

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