How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

In addition to the one-off acquisition costs, the running costs for food, bedding, and the vet must also be considered when keeping rabbits. We have put together the costs you have to reckon with when purchasing and keeping rabbits.

Rabbit pets are popular with children and adults alike. There are a number of places to go for buying rabbits. In most animal shelters there are many rabbits waiting for a new home.

However, it is very important when keeping rabbits: Rabbits are not loners! They need the company of conspecifics and enough space to feel completely comfortable. Otherwise, they may become ill or develop behavioral problems. There should always be an equal number of males and females in a group of rabbits. To prevent offspring, your rabbits should be neutered.

One-time acquisition costs for rabbits

When adopting animals, animal shelters usually charge a nominal fee. Depending on the location, this can vary in amount but is usually in a price range between 50 euros (unneutered rabbit or buck) and 70 euros (neutered rabbit). These costs only cover a small amount of the expenses that the shelter has invested in the animal.

Even with reputable breeders, the prices are at a similar level. But in addition to the purchase of at least two rabbits, there are other costs.

This is how much the initial purchase for the rabbit home costs

If rabbits are to move into your own four walls soon, the first thing to do is to create a species-appropriate home for the rabbits. Rabbits need suitable interior furnishings to keep them busy, a quiet retreat, suitable food and water points, and plenty of space to run around.

Future rabbit owners will need:

  • Transport box (approx. 20 €)
  • Rabbit enclosure (depending on indoor or outdoor housing, at least 200-500€)
  • Hayrack (approx. 5€)
  • Feeding bowl (approx. 3€)
  • stable drinking bowl (approx. 3€)
  • at least one retreat house per rabbit (approx. 20€)
  • Furnishings for the enclosure (bottling box from approx. €30, hiding places, ramps, tunnel
  • approx. €10-30 each)
  • Fencing for an indoor enclosure (approx. €30)
  • Toilets (approx. 4€)

This way your rabbit feels comfortable with you

Even a small pet needs a lot of accessories. To ensure that your rabbit feels completely comfortable in its new home, you will find particularly popular accessories here:

These running costs arise for rabbits

Once the basic equipment has been purchased and the rabbits have arrived safely in their new home, there are of course regular costs for fresh food and bedding. However, these fixed costs of keeping rabbits are relatively small. This is the approximate cost of two rabbits:

  • fresh hay (approx. 10€/month)
  • Fresh fodder/ fruit and vegetables (fresh grass for free in summer, vegetables, fruit, and herbs maximum €30/month)
  • Nibbles like twigs from fruit trees
  • Bedding (approx. 15€/month)

Veterinary care is more important when keeping rabbits than the running costs and should not be underestimated. The castration that is recommended for female rabbits costs between 20 and 170 euros once – the price range here is large. The castration of male animals is usually cheaper than that of females. In addition, treatment costs for typical rabbit diseases can arise. You should always be prepared for such costs. Other regular costs are:

  • Claw clipping: 5 – 10 euros
  • Vaccinations: approx. 50 euros per year/animal

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