How to Make Puppy Mush?

Puppies eating puppy mush
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Do you know what puppy mush is? It’s your alternative soft feed for young puppies. Pet owners prepare puppy mush if they’re not sure their pups can handle hard food. Here we teach you how to make puppy mush. So read on for insight.

Puppy mush is basically dry dog food. But you mix it with puppy formula (or milk) plus water. This establishes a soft yet semi-solid consistency. This way, your puppy can chew and digest the dog food with ease.

You can use this while the puppy is still taking its mother’s milk. It acts as a supplement. You may gradually increase the amount and frequency. This helps with the weaning process. Sometime later, your puppy will no longer need to nurse. And it will want pure solid and even dry dog food.

So How Do You Make Puppy Mush?

You can make puppy mush in easy steps such as these:

  1. Scoop out one cup of regular dog food.
  2. Place them in the pup’s dish.
  3. Pour enough amount of your puppy’s milk formula. It should just be enough to wet the dry food. Alternatively, you may use plain water.
  4. Leave the mixture to rest. Wait for it to get soft enough. It may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.
  5. Stir then mash the softened mixture. It should look something like a bowl of thin porridge. If not, try adding some more formula or water.
  6. Serve!

Note that you may thicken the mush as your pup grows older. Also, you may start mixing up the feed with canned dog food or other puppy food after some time. Do remember that serving portions should be little at first. And then increase the size gradually.

Final Thoughts

Now we know how easy it is to make puppy mush. Offer it to your little pet no earlier than four weeks of its age. And remember to use high-quality dog food. It’s best to use what its mom is already eating. This is in keeping with food taste and quality. Happy feeding!

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