How to Stop Our Dogs From Chasing Cars?

Imagine you wake up early in the morning and feeling fresh and beautiful. You change your clothes to hit the gym and take your bicycle out. But when you start pedaling, you see a dog has started chasing you out of nowhere. That dog is barking and chasing like a feral hound. Horrible, isn’t it? Wake up! It was just a bad dream!

Have you ever gone through this fearful hounding experience? You must have at least once in your life, right? Have you ever thought why dogs suddenly start chasing a moving object out of nowhere?

It’s about your safety as well. You must know how to stop a dog if it starts chasing you all of a sudden. Let’s find out.

Why Do Dogs Run Behind Passing Objects?

Some hard-wired breeds of dogs always love to run and change passing cars. Border collies are a perfect example of these breeds. Dogs were domesticated after spending thousands of years. They are famous for their friendliness and loyalty. They always try to fulfill all the needs of humans. In this way, they become human’s best friend.

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But some breeds cannot resist themselves from chasing a thing that moves. They can change anything, starting from cars to people, bicycles, or even sometimes squirrels.

In that case, excellent and adequate training comes to your rescue. If you want your pet dog to stop chasing, you should train him correctly. Before that, you have to make sure your dog stays safe in a particular area. They should not escape until you allow them to do so after correcting this awful habit.

You must have noticed that your dog start working from the fence after seeing a moving bicycle or a car. It’s quite natural because all these are moving objects. So they get the impression that their barking behavior caused an object to move away.

In short, they are successful. Next time, they will again bark after seeing a moving object because of this previous successful incident.

How to Redirect Your Beloved Dog?

You have to teach him basic commands. You can start with the commands like stay or stop. But keep in mind that dogs are the best escape artists. So these commands may take a considerable amount of time to work precisely. If your dog wants to change something, pulling out of his leash will be the best option to control him.

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Another way to control your beloved pet is to divert his attention to something else. For example, if you take him to a walk, and suddenly you hear the horn of a car, you can immediately treat him with his favorite toy to divert his attention.

Always try to be generous by treating him like a friend or giving him rewards. In this way, he will pay a little attention to the moving objects.

But keep in mind that you have to continue this positive reinforcement to receive the best result. In this way, your dog will one day choose the reward instead of chasing a moving car or a bike.

You can simply build up a fence in your home or modify your existing one to implement these behaviors. Your dog can now see through to that fence, and you can notice if his behavior is changing or not.

How to Train Your Dog to Implement Other Good Behavior?

Dog training needs in-depth observation. At first, you have to concentrate and figure out how he is reacting after seeing a moving object. You should train your dog accordingly. For example, when your dog starts reacting on a moving object? Is that object on a 5 feet distance or a 10 feet distance? This is the best time to reinforce when he is not reacting even when that moving object is available at a distance. In this way, he will learn to focus on better things.

While you are giving training to your dog, you can make smacking sound to make him concentrate on you instead of something else.

Stop Constant Pulling

This is the hardest part of the training as dogs are quite strong, even if it is small. So always try to concentrate on the general behavior and control it instead of pulling. They will soon respond to you and lose interest in chasing a car or a bicycle.

Whenever your dog tightens up his leash, you should stop walking instantly. That’s because if you pull him, he will want you to pull even more. So keep in mind that pulling can never be a solution. It will be fun when your dog will stop chasing moving things and walk with you happily. It can only be possible with proper training and guidance.

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