Flirt Factor Dog: This is How Dogs Make Us Attractive

Various studies have shown that if you have a dog, it is not only easier to strike up a conversation with others, but you also have better chances of flirting. You can find out why here.

Those who have a dog are more successful at flirting. This is not only proven by numerous studies, but also by a widespread online flirting strategy: More and more people are showing a dog in their profile picture. Here you can find out why the so-called “dog fishing” works so well and how dogs can also help us with flirting.

Flirt successfully thanks to Dogfishing

Dogs are good. Many have already understood this, which is why more and more people are presenting themselves alongside a dog on online dating platforms. Wanting to attract potential flirt partners with a dog is called “dog fishing”. Whether it is your own dog or not is beside the point.

That’s why dog fishing is very controversial. After all, using a dog for your own ends is reprehensible. Flirt coach Horst Wenzel explains to the Internet portal that anyone who does dog fishing wants to appear likeable, active and responsible to others. Some studies show that this strange flirting strategy actually works.

Dog owners are considered attractive

Anyone who has a dog is actually more attractive to others. This is proven, among other things, by a survey by the British market and opinion research institute YouGov. 31 percent of the men and 34 percent of the women stated that they were particularly interested in dog owners.

This is probably not just because many people just like dogs. One often associates certain characteristics with a dog owner, which one in turn also desires from one’s partner. This includes:

  • reliability
  • caring
  • sense of responsibility
  • sportiness

So there is a tendency to ascribe general characteristics to dog owners that may not apply to them at all. These alleged characteristics make dog owners interesting flirt partners.

Dogs often start out flirting

But not only online, but also in real life dogs help with flirting. Psychologist Jens Lönneker from the Rheingold Institute in Cologne was able to prove this scientifically: his representative study “The dog as a flirt factor” proved that people come closer to each other more quickly through a dog.

77 percent of all dog owners surveyed confirmed that their dog was the best, most natural and most cheerful way to talk to each other in an uninhibited manner. The frequently mentioned reason: the dog does what you don’t trust yourself. He doesn’t think like humans do about how best to address someone else. Most dogs seek contact of their own accord and are completely unbiased. So basically the dog starts the conversation and not the human.

Also: Many people are convinced that the dog reflects something of the life and character of its owner. That’s why you often have the feeling that thanks to the dog, you get a quick, initial assessment of the owner when you get to know them.

Only well-behaved dogs are good flirt partners

But not all dogs are created equal. In the study “The dog as a flirt factor” by psychologist Jens Lönneker, 76 percent of those questioned stated that they clearly preferred well-behaved dogs. 71 percent are primarily interested in cute dogs and 69 percent in particularly beautiful ones.

The characteristics of naturalness, liveliness and originality were also important for most of them. Statistically speaking, if you have a dog that has these characteristics, you have a better chance of flirting.

That’s what really matters when it comes to flirting

A survey by the Rheingold Institute in Cologne revealed that dogs help so much with flirting for six main reasons:

  • With a dog you are more uninhibited at first contact.
  • You immediately have a common interest: the dog.
  • The dog creates familiarity and takes tension out of the conversation.
  • The dog approaches people and breaks the ice with it.
  • Interest in the dog easily leads to interest in the dog owner.
  • People who have dogs are considered to be more outgoing by nature.

In addition, 77 percent of those surveyed stated that they had been introduced to a conversation by a dog, their own or someone else’s. For one in ten, this even led to a permanent partnership.

While dogs are obviously good helpers when it comes to flirting, they shouldn’t be used simply to attract potential partners. In addition, the other end of the leash is much more decisive for whether the small flirt can become something bigger at all.

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