If The Dog is An Omnivore

Dogs are omnivores and are only too happy to prove it on walks. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about the “deviant taste”, only prevent it.

Why do dogs eat such unsavory things?

The leftovers from lunch in the compost, the half-rotted blackbird in the bushes, or the fresh horse droppings on the forest path… if we’re not careful, our dog will find all of them – and eat them. That may seem pretty disgusting to us, but dogs are real omnivores: Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, grass, roots, bark, fresh or slightly rotten, the four-legged friends like it. This usually does not lead to an upset stomach (but often to unpleasant odors). The dogs’ extreme stomach acid breaks down any prey in no time with skin, hair, and bones and also has an antibacterial effect. Vegetables, on the other hand, can only be used by dogs if they have been specially prepared or have already been digested. This is exactly why dogs like to “graze” on freshly germinated seeds, munch on overripe, partially fermented fruit and vegetables, and, unfortunately, also on the legacies of herbivores.

Rumen can help

Many dogs’ favorite food is “green tripe”: the raw stomach of large herbivores, filled with pre-digested greens. Buy a can of this for your dog every now and then. He likes it and needs it. When dogs eat grass, for example, they try to “neutralize” their stomachs, which are overly acidic from too much meat. They are not pure carnivores and if you mean it too well with your dog in this respect, you should not be surprised if it is constantly rummaging in the garbage can or grazing on the lawn.

Attention danger!

Of course, there are also toxins and pathogens that the dog’s stomach acid cannot destroy. That’s why you shouldn’t let him eat everything. Particular caution is required with puppies and young dogs: just like human children, they try everything. And learn: “It tastes good, it doesn’t taste good. And when I take that, my human comes running and we play catch. Great!” So clear away the rubbish and never let yourself be tempted into hunting games. Rather practice bartering: “You give me the crumpled little mouse, the dead sparrow, the mouth full of dirt, and I’ll give you a treat and praise as well.” But don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your smartass will soon be “chasing” rubbish in order to get even more praise and treats.

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