When the Dog Steals

Opportunity makes thieves: This is especially true for dogs. If you leave treats in his reach, he will take them. You can at least curb the urge.

Always looking for prey

Whether at home or in the wild: a dog wants to catch prey! After all, his genes don’t tell him that his mistress will definitely open a can for him tomorrow, but that he has to take what he can get his paws on.

That means: if the roast is unattended on the table, the dog’s first impulse is to claw it. You will never get the whole thing out of the four-legged friend. There are self-proclaimed “experts” who advise putting chili or pepper-filled goods in front of your dog as a lure to teach him that the things he takes are not good for him. Please refrain from such methods! They are cruel and even endanger your dog’s health!

It’s better to keep a close eye on the hungry wolf as it sneaks around the home and end trips to the kitchen with a resolute “No!”. You should also intervene if he raises his nose towards the tabletop. He has to learn that there are areas in the home that are simply not his business.

Don’t tempt your dog

But the top priority is: don’t lead yourself into temptation in the first place. Get rid of anything that might motivate him to do this, because every sense of achievement will make him try again. Don’t toss him morsels while you’re cooking or eating, lest he gets the idea that he’s entitled to any part of your “loot” or the leftovers.

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