In 5 Steps to a Happy Hamster

In order for a hamster to feel really comfortable in its home, there are a few things to consider. If a hamster is about to move in with you or even live with you, you should definitely follow these 5 hamster tips for beginners.

A hamster does not attach importance to being petted or carried around, nor does it adapt to our rhythm of life. Because in his heart he is and will always be a wild animal. That doesn’t mean that hamsters won’t become trusting and you can’t have fun with them. On the contrary! They are perfect entertainers and watching them makes time fly by. In order to create a stable basis of trust, however, you should pay attention to a few points when dealing with the hamster.

Moving made easy

Set up the rodent home ready to go before the hamster moves in. A long stopover in a tiny transport cage doesn’t exactly help build confidence. Some bedding from the old home will calm you down during the journey and create a familiar atmosphere in the new home. The newcomer also appreciates a delicious welcome buffet.

Time to settle in

Give the hamster enough time to settle in and move to a remote observation post for the first few days. If the hamster scurries around carefree in your presence, you can approach it cautiously and speak to it in calm words. If he’s interested, entice him with a treat. Before long your hamster will be eating out of your hand.

Guide children

Please make it clear to children in good time that the hamster is an observation animal and does not want to be cuddled. In contrast to rabbits and guinea pigs, which usually patiently accept unwanted stroking, a harassed hamster defends itself vigorously and the bite of a hamster can be quite painful. Therefore, the following applies: Only with the right instructions can the contact between child and rodent become a pleasant and enriching experience for both sides.

Avoid stress

Respect your hamster’s domestic rights. Never put your hand directly in front of his sleeping den. This is perceived as a threat and can provoke an attack. Avoid unnecessary grabbing and picking up, and don’t chase the animal around for fun.

Pay attention to the biorhythm

Important to know: Hamsters are nocturnal. Do not wake your hamster up during the day, but wait until it shows itself in the evening hours. Repeated disturbances during their bedtime will negatively impact your hamster’s well-being and health, and may even drastically shorten their (already short) lifespan.

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