Is It Safe To Vape Around Your Dog?

Dog and vape

For so long, smokers across the world enjoyed puffing cigarettes everywhere without thought for personal and public safety. People would blow smoke in large and small, confined places. And they would light a cigarette or cigar both in solitude and in a crowd.

Thank goodness for scientific discoveries on the health risks of both firsthand and secondhand smoke inhalation. Now people are more careful when they smoke.

Because there’re actual studies that prove how secondhand smoke can be bad for kids and even pets. And we are now aware of how long-lasting negative effects can afflict smokers as well as other people exposed to nicotine smoke.

Then comes vaping. It’s supposed to be a healthier alternative to actual or regular smoking. Many now have ditched their cigarette favorites in favor of vaping devices. You can see a lot of them vaping not only in private but in public as well. It’s become a trend.

And so the question now for the pet owner is, is it safe to vape around your pets? This article discusses vaping and how it may affect your pet’s health. If you’re wondering about this issue yourself, then read on for more information.

What’s Vaping Anyway?

Vaping generally means to inhale and exhale vapor that’s produced by a dedicated device. Now, vaping devices for smokers are also called e-cigarettes or e-vaporizers. These are electronic nicotine delivery systems that are battery-operated devices smokers use.

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People like vaping for the fashion of it and also for the alternative taste it brings. There’s usually additional flavoring infused in the “juice” or chemical. Owners of these devices have to buy these formulas when they run out. For flavoring, companies use fruit flavors and vegetable glycerin. These aerosols may also contain a colorless chemical called propylene glycol.

For devices, you’ll see people using electronic cigarettes or products called vape pens. JULUL is a popular brand of vaping device. Because it’s compact and owners can charge it using a USB port. You can power it up with your laptop, power strip, or a car cigarette lighter USB charger.

Is Vaping Safe for People?

Before we even go to discussing the safeness of vaping around pets, let’s talk about how safe it is for people. Well, vaping companies have been slapped with a lot of lawsuits here and there.

Vaping devices are reported to cause seizures in users. Other medical patients accuse the usage of vaping devices of triggering strokes. It goes without saying that cigarette vaping is yet to establish itself as a safe practice for nicotine smokers.

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How Can You Safely Vape Around Your Pets?

You may have just recently quit smoking. And you may be wondering if you can vape around your pet dog or cat. But is it safe? Well, there is no evidence yet that smoke coming from vaping devices are bad for pets. Still, observe safety measures when you vape with a pet dog or cat in the house.

1. Maintain Distance from Your Pet and Family

If you would be vaping, it’s best not to do so in direct proximity to your dog’s face. It’s the same with cigarette smoking anyway. The sensible thing is to do your smoking or vaping away from all your loved ones.

2. Choose Another Room

Why not vape in the next room? This way the vapor coming from the device won’t irritate your pet’s eyes. Otherwise, such may cause coughing or sneezing.

3. Have Proper Ventilation

Vape where there is proper ventilation. That way, the vapors go out faster every time you exhale. Or why not vape outside? This way, the air naturally and quickly clears.

4. Don’t Let Your Pet Lick the Vapor

Remember that there’s nicotine in that vapor. So don’t let your dog come near and start licking about while you’re vaping.

5. Keep Your Vaping Device and Juice Out of Reach

Don’t store it where your pets can easily gain access. They can try chewing on the USB stick. And they may munch on the battery. Worse, if they crack the device in some way, the fragments may get stuck in their throats.

What Should You Do in Case of Accidental Poisoning?

Sometimes, accidents can happen, no matter how careful you try to be. If you think your pet may have ingested any particles coming from your vaping juice or device, call the emergency hotline immediately.

Because nicotine can be deadly to animals. Your pet can experience lung failure or muscle paralysis shortly after ingesting vape juice.

Dog and vape
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Some signs to look out for are rapid breathing or breathlessness in your pets. Other signs are excessive salivation, lethargy, or weakness. If they lose coordination, or vomit and have seizures, you better take them to the vet or nearby animal hospital.

Final Thoughts

We learned that no reports suggest that vaping devices pose health risks for your cats or dogs and other pets. However, it’s best to practice safe vaping at all times. You can do this by maintaining a safe distance from your pets whenever you vape.

You should also choose an area with good ventilation. Lastly, store your vaping device and juice in a safe place. Keep them where your pets can’t get to them.

We should also emphasize the importance of knowing which emergency services to visit or call in your area. This is so that in case of any poisoning, your pet may receive emergency care in due time.

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