Chowhounds (15/15)

Beagles gain weight easily. That’s a fact. It may be because they just don’t get the amount of running that they need. If you think that you’re giving your Beagle enough running space and activity, you’re probably still not giving it enough. But there’s another reason why Beagles might gain weight easily. That’s because they have a tendency to overeat. Remember how Snoopy always worried about his food bowl? Beagles are actually like that in real life. If given the chance, they will eat way more than they actually need or can handle. Besides monitoring the food that you give them during mealtimes, you should also make sure that you put all food away from where your Beagle can’t access them. Your Beagle will sniff out all the foods that it likes and it wouldn’t matter if the foods were in the refrigerator, the cupboards, or the trash bin; it will find a way to get to the food—so lock your food away.

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