Lockdown With a Dog: Many Dog Owners Make These Mistakes

During the lockdown, many dog owners have more time for their animals. But in this, many of them make serious mistakes. Even if they often only mean well, their behavior has a negative effect on the dog. Read here what you should definitely not do during the lockdown.

The “lockdown light” has been in place since the beginning of November. Social contacts are severely restricted again, most are working from home again. This means that dog owners are generally spending more time at home and thus near their dog. This also causes many to make fatal mistakes that can harm the dog. Read here what you should definitely not do during the lockdown.

Give your dog space

Those who are at home longer can also spend more time with the dog. The hours you were out and about before lockdown are now probably being spent at home. This means that your dog is also less alone.

Even if you would now like to spend every single second with your dog, you should refrain from doing so. Your dog will certainly be happy that you are with him longer. But he also had an everyday life before the lockdown. Routine is important for dogs. So, of course, extra playing time is allowed, but don’t overdo it. Give your dog the space it needs.

Maintain normal everyday life

Since routine gives your dog security, you should also follow everyday rituals during lockdown. If the commute to work through the home office is eliminated, you can probably sleep in a little longer during the lockdown. However, you should stick to the usual walking and feeding times.

In this way, the dog keeps its usual everyday life and is not confused. It also saves you the work of getting your dog used to it once the lockdown is over.

Don’t snack too much

Even if you spend more time with your dog now, you shouldn’t give him more treats than usual. The small snacks are real calorie bombs. Dog owners often lose track of how many treats they have already given their dog.

Tip: Put the number of treats that you want to feed throughout the day on a plate in the morning. If the plate is empty, it will not be refilled. This way you can always keep an eye on how much your dog has actually eaten.

Always keep moving

Many tend to be less active during lockdown. Even if you should stay at home most of the time, dog owners still have to go out several times a day. The dog must be exercised physically and be able to do its business. Make sure you give your dog plenty of exercises, even during lockdown.

As everyday life changes for humans in lockdown, many tend to mess up the dog’s routine. You should refrain from doing this, however, as it could confuse the dog. You also have the task of getting your dog used to it again after the lockdown.

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