Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

A puppy has appeared in your house. It is a joy, but also a responsibility. Of course, you need to raise your pet the way you dream of seeing it – kind, obedient, well-groomed.

It is imperative to be aware that all of your dog’s habits are established in childhood. And, despite the cute eyes, pink belly, and soft paws, you should not allow a puppy what you would not allow an adult dog. So what are the most common mistakes dog owners face when caring for them?


In the upbringing of a dog, there must be logic and consistency clear to the animal. If today you calmly allowed the puppy to sleep on the bed with you, as it is small, touching, and warm, and tomorrow you change your mind since the dog has grown and takes up a lot of space, then the dog will definitely not understand the prohibition and, most likely, will continue to climb into bed. Also, if you don’t want an adult dog to knock you off your feet, don’t let your toddler jump on you.

Lack of training

When getting a puppy, owners need to understand that their dog must know and follow basic commands. At least for her own safety. And you shouldn’t postpone training “for later”. The sooner the puppy is taught to be canine literate, the easier it will be to coexist with him in the future. Already at a very young age, it is necessary to learn the commands “to me”, “heel”, “place” with the puppy, achieving their unquestioning fulfillment. Remember: once a correctly executed command can save a pet’s life!

Trying to hide the puppy from the world

Yes, the puppy is small and you are scared for him. The easiest way is to limit yourself to walking in quiet and peaceful places, forbidding the puppy to communicate with both dogs and people. But what will grow out of him with such an upbringing? The puppy should get to know the irritants of the big city as early as possible, learn to communicate with relatives, not be afraid of cars, and be able to ride in public transport.


Another common mistake in caring for a dog is eating an unbalanced diet and slipping treats and nibbles from the dog’s plate. Yes, the puppy can and should even be given snacks, but for something: for example, for a correctly executed command, and not just like that. Feeding the pet with delicacies, the owners neutralize their value, interrupt the dog’s appetite, or feed it. It is best to set a feeding time and stick to it. Also, the dog needs a balanced diet, organized especially for him. It must be remembered that salt is poison for a dog, and chicken bones can seriously damage the stomach. A well-fed, fat dog will have one hundred percent health problems.

Lack of regular grooming

If you are taking a long-haired dog, you need to understand that in order for it to look like “in the picture,” grooming is required. And the sooner you teach your baby to regularly comb, cut or trim, the easier it will be for you to handle the coat of an adult dog. If you scratch or trim the animal “as necessary”, then you will get a dull, unkempt coat, an abundance of dandruff, irritation, and nervousness of the pet, when you still choose the time to do at least something to improve the situation.

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