Lorkie: Yorkie & Lhasa Apso

Lorkie is a cross between two amazingly beautiful dog breeds: Lhasa Apso and Yorkie. This is an elegant designer breed, a very playful and mischievous pet that is just made for love! This miniature dog amazes with its innate talent to win hearts and attract the admiring glances of others. Those who at least once became the owners of this miracle are unlikely to deny themselves the pleasure of acquiring a faithful friend or girlfriend for a small pet.


Not a single breeder will be able to say in advance what appearance a crossbreed puppy will have. But he will definitely be like his parents. Some more, some less.

Both Lorkie parents are small dogs with long to medium-length coats. The coat is a special pride of the Yorkie and Lhasa Apso dogs. She is shiny, delicate, and silky. Lorkie colors can be of any color, the main ones: black, gold, sand, honey, dark brown, brown, blue-silver.


Each Lorkie puppy is unique and can display individual personality traits. Proper upbringing is the key to the good character of the pet.

Like the parent breeds, the Lorkie has a somewhat independent but very friendly personality. Despite its small size, the dog itself believes that it is not small at all. It seems to her that she is a big, important, and strong dog that can even protect her family. We can say that, by their nature, these animals are born leaders, which imposes certain rules on their maintenance. That is, if you do not take leadership over the dog, then it will.

These animals have a very sociable nature, they like to share time with their family members.  Socialization and acquaintance with other people, your friends, as well as with other dogs, are essential for the harmonious development of the personality. This will help your pet grow up more open and develop a softer temperament.

The breed has an average energy level and may well live in a city apartment. Long walks and physical activity to maintain the psyche and musculature of the animal are not required. Normal walks and short active games on the street will be enough. Lorkie can also be a little mischievous pet because at home you can also play various games with him, especially those that provide intellectual stimulation.


The Lorkie breed needs training and education, combined with socialization, of course. A dog sometimes wants to act in its own way, and you need to leave it this opportunity, of course, not in everything. The fact is that if an animal feels constant pressure and an attempt to take away from him any opportunity to manifest its own freedom, it will only fight more and more with it.

For the complete trust, the owner must be kind, wise, and patient. Avoid overly long training sessions, ones and use commands throughout the day. Also, be sure to teach your dog to shut up on command, as Lorkie tends to bark more than necessary. And remember – this breed learns commands and rules of behavior slowly.


First of all, what you need to pay attention to is proper hair care. Which resembles real art. Combing alone is not enough, so from time to time you will have to turn to specialists who will trim the animal. Brush the coat daily, or at least 3 times a week.

Lorkies need regular clipping, eye washing, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and bathing. The breed has a tendency to accelerated tooth decay, so teeth must be cleaned without fail. Eyes are cleaned daily, ears are 2-3 times a week, claws are cut 3 times a month.


You definitely need to take care of Lorkie’s health. At the age of the puppy, the necessary vaccinations are made. Next is the annual vaccination. Proper nutrition is important. It can be like natural food, well balanced. So also high-quality wet (or dry) ready-made industrial feed. With the right care, Lorkie is long-lived. On average, they can live 12 years or more.

Designer breeds are less at risk of genetic disease, but can also get sick. As for the diseases of the “risk group” – these are heart defects, liver, kidney, gum disease, dental disease. To be completely sure that the dog is healthy, it is worth visiting the veterinarian from time to time.

Who is Lorkie for?

The question of choosing a dog is always difficult. Lorkie is a great companion for single people or large families with many children. Lorkies are true loyal friends who will never betray. But, before running headlong and getting a puppy, answer honestly to yourself a number of questions:

  1. Can you provide this cute and overactive animal with the necessary physical activity? Of course, we are not talking about the volumes required for the full development of the German Shepherd. But daily walks are a must! Moreover, you need to give the animal “throw out” energy, run around, and, of course, play a little on the street.
  2. Can you train Lorkie in the minimum required number of teams? Instilled unquestioning obedience can one day simply save your animal’s life! Don’t forget this.
  3. Can you become a leader for your pet? Lorkie needs a strict, persistent, patient, attentive, loving owner.

In addition, Lorkie needs its own space. A cozy corner where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and endless company will make the animal more balanced. Allow your pet to be a little alone with his own thoughts. Moreover, this will not take much time: having rest and gaining strength, Lorkie will not hesitate to appear in the cycle of events that take place in your home.


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