Maltipom: Maltese & Pomeranian

Maltipom is a cross between two ideal dog breeds: Maltese and Pomeranian. These dogs have inherited the best qualities of their parents! It is an intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and very cute dog. If you have made a decision to get a dog for your soul, do not hesitate to choose: Maltipom will become for you a wonderful companion and a faithful friend who will not let you get bored. So let’s get to know this designer dog breed!


Maltipoms are not purebred dogs, so it can be difficult to know what your puppy will look like. By looking at the parents you can get a rough idea of ​​what kind of dog you will have when you get your Maltipom puppy.

  • Maltese

These small playful dogs are 20 to 25 cm tall and weigh no more than 4 kg. The coat of Maltese is silky, straight, and long, sometimes reaching down to the floor. The color is snow-white, but a light shade of ivory is allowed by the standard. The muzzle is slightly narrowed, but not sharp. The nose is black with a button. Large round dark eyes, set not too wide. The bite is correct. The ears are triangular in shape, drooping.

  • Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a very small square-shaped dog with a very thick and fluffy coat, which is raised almost vertically in relation to the body due to the abundant and dense undercoat. The rich coat on the neck and shoulders forms the main pride of the Spitz – the collar, the coat on the hind legs – pants, especially the long and fluffy coat on the tail of the dog. The squareness of the small body of Pomeranians is given by a wide chest with rounded ribs, thick legs, and a mischievous tail curled up on the back. It is these parameters that give the Pomeranian the courageous look of its master’s protector. The color of dwarf Pomeranians is very diverse, now there are 12 colors: from black to red, cream to white.

The Maltipom generally weighs between 3 and 9 lbs. at maturity and stands between 8 and 12 inches tall. The size of this breed will vary depending on its parentage and the percentage of each breed used in the cross.


For the most part, the Maltipom is a friendly and affectionate breed. This hybrid combines the best characteristics of both Pomeranian and Maltese breeds in one pet. These dogs are energetic, cheerful, and very funny. They will be happy to bring the ball, learn a new team and support any activity. Maltipom is easy to train, understands everything at a glance, so even a child can work with it. Maltipoms are a bit like cats. They are not intrusive, but very attached to their master. Maltipoms can stay at home alone: ​​they can easily find something to do with themselves. However, you shouldn’t leave these dogs for a long time: they will begin to yearn.

Maltipoms are a great choice for families with children, as they can easily find a common language with babies. However, communication with children under 7 years of age must be supervised by an adult, as a child, through negligence, can injure a pet. Thanks to their friendliness and curiosity, Maltipoms quickly get used to other animals. They are very calm dogs that do not show spontaneous aggression and jealousy.

Due to its small size, Maltipom is not able to act as a protector or guard, although sometimes its behavior suggests the opposite: this dog can notify guests in the house or bite the opponent’s leg. The small body contains the courage, courage, and courage inherent in the most worthy representatives of the canine world.


Although the appearance of this breed may vary slightly depending on breeding, the Maltipom generally has a long coat with straight, soft hair. Approximately once every 7-10 days, the dog should be bathed using a special shampoo and conditioner, which facilitates the further brushing process. Brush Maltipom every day.

Maltipom has very sensitive eyes, which also often watery, leaving ugly dark grooves on the face. To prevent this process from evolving, excess natural mucus in the corners of the eyes is removed with a cotton swab.

Maltipom ear and teeth care is a must. The ears of pets are examined once a week, removing accumulated contamination with lotion and a cotton swab. The teeth are cleaned every 7-14 days with a soft brush coated with the veterinary paste. If Maltipom shows tartar, see your veterinarian who will solve the problem quickly and professionally. Pay attention to your dog’s claws twice a month. The best option is to remove the excess plate with a nail cutter, and then grind the rest of the claw with a nail file.


Maltipom can be fed with natural food or dry. In any case, the main thing is not to overfeed, if you do not want to find one day at home a clumsy woolen ball suffering from shortness of breath. Half of the dog’s natural diet should be meat. The remaining 50% of the daily menu is for cereals (rice, buckwheat), vegetables, and fruits. Once a week, meat can be replaced with offal or boiled sea fish. Fermented milk products should also be present in the Maltipom diet. Another type of delicacy useful in all respects is walnuts with a drop of natural honey.

Maltipom dry food should be selected individually and preferably in the company of a veterinarian, as some commercial dry food can provoke allergies in the dog. Understanding that it is time to change the diet will help the pet’s eyes, which begin to water excessively if the food is selected incorrectly.


Maltipom is often a healthy dog, but some diseases can still be inherited from parent breeds. Common health problems seen in the breed include progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, patellar luxation, entropion, hypothyroidism, and hypoglycemia. Maltipoms may also be at risk for respiratory problems including asthma.


Based on the foregoing, we can safely say that Maltipom, if treated with care, given the necessary attention, tender care, love, can become the most beautiful and devoted friend in the house. This dog knows how to please with its childish playfulness and surprise with intelligence and agility. The peculiarity of this pet’s boredom for a person touches and makes you become kinder.

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