Natural Remedies for Cat Heat

A cat’s heat cycle lasts about seven days on average but can last up to two weeks. Your cat is most likely in heat if it’s rubbing against furniture or walls, yelling loudly, and lifting its rear end.

You may want to give your cat some natural pacifiers during this time because she seems uncomfortable. While neutering your cat is the best way to put an end to their misery, there are other ways that can help them remain peaceful.

Natural Soothing Homeopathic Medicines for Cats in Heat

Since the 1930s, Rescue Remedy for dogs has been a blend of five flower essences. It is a glycerine-based alcohol-free product that is safe for cats. Many pet owners claim it can be used to calm cats on heat. If your cat seems tense or anxious during heat, Rescue Remedy can help her relax.

This homeopathic medicine is a liquid that you can mix with some treats or her food and give to your cat when she is in heat. Alternatively, you can put a few drops in her drink so she gets the medication that way.


Offering your cat catnip during heat may calm him down depending on how he responds. However, you should only do this if you have fed your cat catnip before and know how she reacts to the herb. Catnip can make some cats more energetic and aggressive, which isn’t necessarily helpful for a cat that’s already violent due to its heat. However, if your cat calms down as a result of catnip, this is an excellent way to improve the condition.


Mating your cat is one of the most obvious ways to help her cope with her heat. However, before you encourage or condone this behavior by exposing your cat to an area where tomcats may be present, you should consider the consequences. Mate a cat only if you can provide a permanent home for any children. To protect the health of your cat and the litter, you must also be able to care for the cat during pregnancy.


The most effective way to minimize the behavior associated with cats in heat is spaying, although it is not a home remedy. For a small fee, veterinarians can spay and neuter your cat. Your pet’s post-operative care is modest and they will be healthy and behaving normally in a few days. The best thing is that your pet’s urge to mate, which is triggered by heat, is permanently eliminated. For more information on neutering your female cat, consult your veterinarian.

Use a synthetic feline pheromone

Synthetic cat pheromones are one of the best remedies for cats in heat. Synthetic feline pheromones have a relaxing smell that cats, especially cats in heat, respond to. Not only will it help to relax your cat, but it will also help calm all of your cats if you have more than one.

Synthetic feline pheromones can be diffused around the house or purchased in the form of diffusers that can be placed around the house. When your cat is in heat, the pheromone aroma will also help prevent urine splashing.

Play with your cat to keep her occupied

Give your cat new toys and play with her as often as possible to keep her occupied. Offer her various puzzle toys to keep her occupied and distracted from the aches and pains of heat. Petting, cuddling, and spending time with her can help her take her mind off her misery.

Interacting with your cat can be very relaxing for them because cats like to socialize with their owners. To socialize with your cat, you can use toys on a string that will keep them engaged and relieve their tension while they spend time with you. If you notice your cat on heat yelling and trying to flee, it’s a good idea to distract her attention with some play.

Make your cat’s living space more interesting

Offer your cat plenty of hiding places, e.g. B. a cat apartment, a scratching post, a bookshelf, or a box for her to sit in. Small places where cats can feel protected are one of the best natural calming therapies for cats. Think of them as little hiding spots for the cat.

In addition to the cat flats, put some cat-friendly wall shelves that your cat can climb up on when it’s in heat. This gives her a safe place to retreat when stressed, away from people and other pets, where she can spend time alone.

Play soothing kitty music

Play music, preferably music produced specifically for cats. Music can relax cats, and studies have shown that it can help them relax in stressful situations. You can easily purchase this type of cat music online, but you can also listen to classical music.


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