Paw Injury in Dogs

In contrast to minor injuries, open fractures, deep cuts or extensive injuries should be dealt with quickly.

Dogs can injure themselves when running out or romping around, e.g. from broken glass, but the cause is often a traffic accident orbiting.

How do you recognize it?

The dog becomes paralyzed and only puts down the affected leg briefly or not at all. Then, starting at the paw, examine the leg for wounds or bleeding. If there is no external injury, the paralysis can also be caused by joint diseases or internal injuries (broken bones).

What should I do?

In the case of heavy bleeding, the leg should be tied off, in lighter cases, it is sufficient to carefully clean the wound under running water and then bandage it before consulting a veterinarian. Pad between the toes and around the leg with cotton and only pull the first few layers of the bandage lightly to avoid constricting the leg.

How to prevent it?

Leash the dog if broken glass may be nearby. To be on the safe side, you can also take a quick bandage with you on hikes or long walks.

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