Pre-trip Nutrition Tips

We have compiled a list of helpful tips so that the journey does not upset your four-legged friend’s stomach.

Just before and during the journey

Stop feeding the dog 12 hours before departure. Dogs should be offered fresh water at every rest. If the dog begins to pant or yawn on a winding road, give the animal something to swallow or chew. On mountain routes, it can be due to pressure in the ears.

Maintain feeding habits while on vacation

If your pet regularly eats a certain type of food, then you should leave it at that on vacation. Take enough of it with you if you cannot be sure that you will get the product at your holiday destination. There are dogs and cats that are used to quite varied food. However, changing their diet can also be a problem for them. They should first get used to the changing climate and only then to the changed food. So: take something with you, at least for the first few days. Dry food is also good to take with you. If your animal is not used to this, start a period of adjustment 2 weeks before departure.

Small portions in hot temperatures

Hot temperatures in summer also put a strain on the animal’s circulation. You should therefore reduce the portions so that your animal does not have to waste too much energy on digestion. For a snack on mountain or hiking tours, the animal feed industry offers wonderfully packaged bags that can be easily stowed in a backpack.

Please pay attention

  • Never give dry food without water.
  • To avoid trouble, do not use the hotel or rental company’s dishes to feed your animal.
  • Keep the feeding area clean yourself. That shouldn’t be the maid’s job. Provide the meal outdoors if possible.
  • Don’t forget the can opener, or use food that opens “without”.
  • Make sure your animal doesn’t eat on the street. In countries like Greece and Spain in particular, poisonous baits are often laid out all year round for stray animals. If your pet has an altered temperament or feces, please consult a veterinarian immediately.

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