Protection Against Ticks for the Puppy – Prevention is Important

As soon as the sun shines in the sky in spring, the topic of tick protection becomes topical. Then the arachnids become active again and go in search of a host. A young dog jumping happily through the grass is just what they need. Since ticks transmit serious diseases, from Lyme disease to TBE to Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis, it is important that you protect your puppy from them. And that’s until the first frost: That’s how long the bloodsuckers are on the move.

Supplements from the vet

If you attend the first vaccination appointments, then you should ask your veterinarian about suitable preparations against ticks. The specialist can recommend products that you can already use with the puppy. For many dog ​​owners, spot-on preparations are a tried and tested remedy. These small ampoules are placed on the dog’s neck and last up to four weeks, after which they need to be replaced. Your veterinarian will tell you which remedy and dosage are best for you to use. The spot-on work in two ways: first, you keep the tick from biting the dog; should this happen, however, the animal is killed after the bite and can therefore not transmit its pathogens.

Alternative tick tape

Tick ​​tapes are a good alternative for many. Here, however, the differences in quality are considerable, so it is best to ask in practice which band the doctor recommends. There are products that puppies can wear from seven weeks. These bands last up to six months, which is usually the entire “tick season”.

Check the dog thoroughly

Even if your puppy or young dog is protected from ticks with a spot-on or band, you should still check your little one thoroughly after every walk. However, if a bloodsucker has bitten, carefully remove it immediately with tick tweezers or a tick card without squeezing the culprit. Ticks transmit diseases only after hours, so it pays to be quick. You can also ask your veterinarian if they recommend vaccination against Lyme disease in your area.

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