Dose Food Supplements For the Dog Carefully

The pet market is booming – especially in the animal feed sector. But be careful: Some products do more harm than good!

Too much of a good thing is unhealthy

The rumor that industrially produced food does not meet the need for minerals and vitamins persists and makes many dog ​​owners resort to appropriate supplements. But doing so is more likely to harm the dog. Many preparations can have negative consequences if overdosed. Basically, products that are marked with the keyword complete feed contain everything that the animals need. But because our feed already contains everything, you have to be very careful with food supplements.

Only the vet can determine the deficiency

High-dose vitamin products or mineral mixtures can make animals ill. Such additives only need four-legged friends who have a proven deficiency. And only the vet can tell for sure. So if you think that your dog is missing something, you should not immediately invest the money in additional preparations, but rather in an examination at the veterinarian.

Vitamins can damage the skeleton

The body cannot excrete the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in particular. If the owner feeds these vitamins extra, so-called hypervitaminosis occurs in the long term. This causes serious damage to the skeleton. The skin and coat become brittle and dry.

Less addition is often more for the dog

Pet owners should find out exactly what they feed their pets. Food specialists such as reptiles place particularly high demands on their keepers. The more closely the feeding is based on what the animals would eat in the wild, the more digestible the diet is usually. When it comes to food supplements for animals, less is often more.

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