Puppy or Adult Dog?

When the decision has been made to get a dog, the question arises of whether it should be a puppy or an adult dog. There are pros and cons to both getting a puppy and an adult dog. Read here what they are and how you can find out which dog is more suitable for you.

For many people, it is a big dream to get their own dog. However, getting a dog also means a lot of responsibility and should therefore be thought through carefully.

Before you get a dog, you should plan everything carefully and clarify the most important questions. In addition to the time and cost factor, it should also be noted that all household members must agree to the purchase of a dog. Once you have thought through these aspects, the question arises: which dog should it be? Which dog breed suits me and my lifestyle, can I find a suitable dog in the animal shelter? The question of whether it should be a puppy or an adult dog is also important.

Get a puppy

Puppies are incredibly cute, which is why most people, especially children, want a puppy rather than an adult dog. But when buying a dog, it’s not about cuteness, it’s about much more. The most important thing is that the dog suits you and that you can meet its needs. We have therefore put together the advantages and disadvantages of buying a puppy for you.

The advantages of getting a puppy are:

  • A puppy has usually not yet had any negative experiences and can therefore still be completely “imprinted”. You can give him a good life right from the start.
  • A puppy is still as trainable as you imagine it to be.

A puppy can accompany you throughout your life: you watch it grow up, it accompanies you for many years, you and your dog become a team and experience everything together.

But there are not only advantages to getting a puppy. Buying a puppy means an incredible amount of work. Here are the negative aspects of getting a puppy:

  • Puppies still need to be fully trained. Basic commands, walking on the leash, interacting with other dogs, etc. – you need to teach them all the right things! Good training is incredibly important for a good and happy human-dog relationship and takes a lot of time and discipline.
  • Puppies are usually not housebroken. In the beginning you will therefore always find puddles in your apartment. In the first few weeks, the dog has to be taken outside every two hours, sometimes even more often, so that it learns that the apartment is its entire sleeping space and that it therefore does not do its business in it.
  • Puppies cannot be left alone yet. They are a 24 hour job, seven days a week. Is this compatible with your work and hobbies and holiday plans?
  • Puppies are not that resilient yet. It takes some time before they are ready for long walks or excursions.
  • Puppies need plenty of rest and sleep, including during the day. This can be a problem, especially for families with children.
    The character of the puppy is often not recognizable at the time of purchase. There may be surprises later.

Get an adult dog

The alternative to buying a puppy is getting an adult dog. For many, this option is often out of the question, the desire for a puppy is so great. But getting an adult dog can offer many advantages:

  • An adult dog usually already masters the basics of dog training, i.e. the basic commands and walking on a leash. Adult dogs are often already used to dealing with other dogs.
  • Adult dogs are usually already housebroken.
  • Many adult dogs have already learned to be able to be left alone.
  • Even if you buy an adult dog, you and the dog can become a real team! The adult dog will love you just as much as a puppy.
  • You can still spend many happy years with an adult dog.
  • With an adult dog, you already know what to expect when you buy it: characteristics and behavior are already pronounced.

Adult dogs are primarily found in animal shelters, not from breeders. The animal welfare aspect is therefore also an issue here. (Of course there are also puppies in the shelter.)
An important point and actually the only disadvantage of getting an adult dog is the aspect that the dog has already experienced a lot and has already been shaped. Of course, these can be both positive and negative experiences and the dog may have acquired certain “quirks”. Of course, this is not the case with every adult dog. Even before you buy the dog, you will notice how it ticks and what habits it has. By the way: Even adult dogs can still be trained and are willing to learn.

Conclusion: puppy or adult dog?

Both getting a puppy and an adult dog has its pros and cons. To decide on a dog, we advise you:

Think carefully about which dog suits your current life situation better. Do you have the time that a puppy demands of you? Can you balance getting a puppy with your work and leisure plans? Do you have the stamina and discipline to train a puppy? Will a dog still fit into your lifestyle in the next 10 to 15 years? A puppy is only an option for you if you can answer these questions with “yes”.

As an adult dog, you should consider whether you are ready to adopt a dog with its history. We recommend that you find out more about the dog, its history and character traits, for example at the animal shelter. The shelter staff know their animals well and will be able to tell you what to expect and whether or not the dog has had a negative experience.

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