You Have to Pay Attention to This When Buying a Puppy

On the Internet, in newspaper ads or from animal welfare organizations – the range of dogs is huge. We reveal what you should look out for and how to find a good breeder.

Whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog, whether it’s from an animal welfare organization or from a breeder – if you’re looking for a four-legged family member, you’ll quickly find that there’s a huge range on offer.

Getting puppies from the breeder: you need to know that

Even if you decide to get a puppy from a breeder, you should take a close look and make a careful decision. Unfortunately, the illegal puppy trade is still thriving, and for many dog breeders, the trade in supposedly cheap pedigree dogs, often imported from abroad from bad attitudes, is a lucrative business.

9 criteria by which you can recognize reputable breeders:

  1. The breeder breeds one, maximum two breeds. He cannot mediate dogs of different breeds all year round. His breeding bitches are not “breeding machines” that constantly have offspring.
  2. The number of dogs is limited. The breeder knows his animals well and takes care of each one. Mother bitch and young animals behave towards him openly and trustingly.
  3. The animals are cared for and well fed.
  4. The animals are not kept in kennels or barns. Ideally, they grow up with a direct family connection and are therefore well socialized.
  5. A reputable breeder takes time with you. He will guide you through his hygienically flawless (!) breeding facility and show you all the dogs. The puppies are of course with their mother.
  6. The breeder will be happy to answer all your questions and provide information about the nature, characteristics and needs of the breed. Conversely, he is also interested in your living conditions (e.g. living and working situation).
  7. Under no circumstances does a reputable breeder urge you to make a quick purchase. He offers time to reconsider the decision and welcomes you to visit the puppies multiple times.
  8. You may view all documents related to the breeding of the parents and puppies (no self-made printouts or copies). You will receive a detailed sales contract.
  9. A reputable breeder is not concerned with getting rid of their puppies as early as possible. When they are handed over, they are at least eight, rather nine weeks old or older. The longer the animals are with their mother, the better!

Alternatives to the dog breeder

A visit to your local animal shelter can always be worthwhile, even if you already have a specific breed in mind. You can often also find pedigree dogs there that were given away by the previous owners, e.g. because of an allergy or for reasons of illness. The employees of a good animal shelter can provide information about the history of their protégés and also know their peculiarities.

Even if you are interested in a dog from animal protection organizations abroad, you should never let a cute photo on the internet guide you in your decision.

Of course, you can also be lucky and find a great dog with random throws, e.g. from the neighborhood. Here, too, make sure that the mother dog and her puppies are well cared for and grow up in a loving environment. You should be aware that mixed breed puppies are always surprised eggs. It is not clear in advance which breed-typical characteristics will prevail. Nevertheless, you should – as far as is known – inform yourself about the breeds involved.

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