Raising an English Beagle Puppy

If you decide to have a beagle pet, do not forget that you need to train and educate him from the first minute of your acquaintance. Often, the owner of a pet thinks that the upbringing of a beagle is carried out directly during training sessions. However, the puppy is an intelligent and capable animal that receives knowledge at every moment.

Indulging all the whims of the little creature, the owner unconsciously approves of his unacceptable tricks, which will be repeated further. When raising a breed such as a beagle, you must strictly follow all the rules. The beagle puppy catches everything on the fly, so with a skillful approach, it will be able to perform not only basic commands but also a large number of funny tricks.

Fundamental Rules

Beagle training should begin at an early age. It is essential not to miss the right time to raise a beagle. It is required to teach the pet the simplest commands and rules of behavior for up to six months, after this age, it is almost impossible to re-educate an adult dog. The principle of consistency in teaching. This applies not only to the owner raising the puppy but also to all family members. Teams must be clearly formulated. It is necessary to encourage a pet in the case of an accurately completed task. Study the next command only after the previous one has been executed flawlessly.

Duration of Training

The duration of the initial workouts should be up to 30 minutes per day. Beagles are quite active dogs, not inclined to focus their attention on one object for a long time. Prolonged training quickly bothers the dog, and he will not master anything. Classes should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to daily training, it is necessary to train the puppy at a convenient moment, to consolidate the skill. The learning process should bring joy to your pet. Beagles are big gamers. The main toys can be tennis balls, all kinds of ropes, chewing toys, and baits. Feeling the respect and love of the owner, they will learn with great desire. Unacceptable Punishment of an Animal (Using the Carrot Method) Punishment can cause more trouble than it can get the dog in the right direction. It is not recommended to yell at the puppy, much less to use physical strength. The use of the “whip method” will lead to the fact that the pet will lose confidence in the owner, become fearful and uncontrollable. Encouragement is the main motivation for a beagle. It can be expressed not only in a favorite delicacy but also in praise. Treat treats so that the puppy gets them every time he does what he wants to do. Once the command is instinctively executed, only praise can be motivated.

Basic Commands

First of all, the beagle should be taught to “sit”. Grab your puppy’s attention with a treat. Keep it straight near the pet’s nose, not allowing it to eat. As soon as the beagle is distracted by a treat, raise your hand higher so that the dog instinctively lifts its face. Then you should take your hand back a little, behind the head, the pet bends and sits down by reflex. If she got up too quickly, repeat the action. After completing it for a few seconds, it must be praised – give the treat. This command is learned rather quickly, over time it should be executed within 15 seconds.

Commands “to Me” and “Fu”

It is better to start learning “to me” at home. It is necessary to stand in the room away from the pet and call out to the beagle by name in a loud and playful intonation. You should attract attention in all possible ways: clap, squeak, or hiss (the main thing is that it comes up).

When the beagle does this, you need to hug him, praise him, and give him a treat. Each time you need to make it clear that the puppy did the right thing.

The next stage is to postpone the execution of the command on the street. For compulsory execution, you should gently pull on the leash. This method should be used every time when the dog itself does not approach when the command “to me”.

The main task is to teach your pet to execute the “fu” command, diverting attention in your favor.

Teaching the “fu” command takes place on a leash. Something tasty should be in reach. It is necessary to catch the moment when the beagle is almost ready to eat the treat and say “fu”, offering him the best alternative.

Elementary Tricks

Beagles are the breed of dogs that need discipline and order, otherwise, they will do everything in their own way, not paying any attention to the owner.

Give Paw

“Give a paw” can be useful not only as a greeting with other people but also in the process of caring for an animal (trimming claws, examining a paw for damage after training or hunting).

First of all, you should sit the dog down, say the command “give paw”, taking the paw in your own hand. While holding the paw, praise the pet and treat it to a treat. Then release the paw. Repeat the action daily, over time the dog will begin to carry out the command independently “Sleep” or “freeze” will help to cope with the pet so that he does not get confused unnecessarily under his feet. Initially, you should take the dog to its personal place, lay it on its side, saying the command “freeze”. Reward with a treat or praise for doing.

Further, do not hold, say “rise” thereby allowing him to get up. A mastered trick will allow the owner to calmly go about their business while the pet is sleeping.

The total number and variety of pet skills depend on the owner’s imagination, perseverance, and patience.

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