Singapore: Small Beauty with a Gentle Nature

Singapore is the smallest pedigree cat in the world. The petite oriental is muscular and has an impressive bounce. Although she is wary of strangers at first, she warms up quickly when she realizes that someone is kind to her. Then she is extremely affectionate. The pretty velvet paw is well suited as a family cat because it is sociable and friendly. At the same time, she likes to play and is intelligent.

Singapore: character

The little oriental is a curious and very lovable cat. If you decide to get a Singapore, it usually takes a long time to get used to it, because at first, it is rather shy and cautious. As soon as the pretty velvet paw realizes that you pose no danger, she will quickly make friends with you and soon follow you chattering wherever you go. Singapore is a cuddly cat, but also an explorer who loves to play. She also appreciates the company of fellow dogs, people, and children. Due to its small size, however, the cat should only move into a household in which the children are no younger than six years old.

Singapore: husbandry and care

The graceful velvet paw is quite easy to keep. Before the first vaccination, it should be ensured that the immune system of the animals is fully intact since Singapore has a high inbreeding factor due to its rarity. The pretty exotic is a pleasant companion if you satisfy her play instinct and intelligence. Companionship in the form of other cats is extremely important for the Oriental cat, which is why it should not be kept as a single cat. She likes to have a secure run in the garden or on the balcony. If you spend a lot of time interacting and playing with your new roommate, she will reward you with lifelong loyalty.


The oriental beauty’s silky coat is short, fine, and shiny. She is a pointed cat: she has a light basic color, only the outer extremities such as ears, paws, the head, legs, and tail have a darker color. Only one color is allowed in breeding: Sepia Agouti. The fur is “ticked”, the hair is banded or ringed several times, which gives the fur a particularly silky sheen. The coat color of the agile exotics is only fully mature at the age of two to three years.

History of Singapore

The origin of the breed is not entirely clear. Originally, cats living in the drains of the city of Singapore were thought to be Singapore’s natural form. An American couple is said to have taken such a cat to America in 1975 and started breeding it. It is now believed that this breed was deliberately bred, initially involving wild cats from Singapore. The Oriental owes her current appearance to the deliberate crossing of Abyssinian and Burmese cats. The first Singaporean in Germany arrived in 1987 via Belgium.


The smallest cat breed in the world has a lower life expectancy of around twelve years compared to other cats.



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