Speagle: Beagle & Cocker Spaniel

Speagle – a cross between a Beagle and a Cocker Spaniel. This is an active dog that will become a good helper for those who like to hunt. Friendly, non-aggressive. Perfect for families with children. It is believed that you cannot lure a Beagle into the water with anything, and the Spaniel loves to swim – so the mestizo will turn out to be a good swimmer. The main difference between the breeds is that the Spaniel is easier to control. So let’s take a closer look at this designer breed.


What the Speagle looks like is a mystery. A puppy can inherit the characteristics of only one breed or both at the same time. But it can be guessed on the basis of the characteristics of the parent breeds and the observations of breeders. Since the Beagle and Cocker are small to medium-sized dogs, the Speagle usually grows from 12 to 15 inches in height and weighs around 20 pounds. Speagle can have short hair, curly hair, or both. The color of these animals is also unpredictable. It can be an exact copy of the color of one of the parents, or it can be something in between the colors of the coat of representatives of both breeds. The most common colors are brown, black, merle, and white. One-color and variations of two or three colors are often found in their coats.


It is not always possible to predict the nature of a future puppy, but fortunately, in most cases, mestizos inherit only the best traits of their parents. Therefore, when breeding designer dog breeds, this factor is always taken into account.

Speagle is often a very playful, cheerful, gentle, and responsive dog. This breed is very sociable and is always happy to spend time with its owners. Such a pet is perfect for both a large family and a single person. But if you have a large family, Speagle will most likely choose one owner and be endlessly devoted to him. The other side of the coin of this nature is that the dog can become too dependent on its owner, so the puppy must be taught independence from childhood.

Speagle strives to please its master, so it learns very quickly. Such a pet is great for a family with children, moreover, it is very friendly towards strangers and other animals, so it is quite possible to keep it in an apartment with a cat or dog.

Education and Training

Raising a puppy takes time and effort. Little Speagle wants to run constantly, and he certainly has no time for training. But the owner must always be demanding and consistent, not pamper the pet, even if you really want to, otherwise, an adult dog may simply be uncontrollable.

Under no circumstances should the Speagle hear you scream or see that you are nervous. And even more so, physical force cannot be used.

Education should consist of demanding, but a calm repetition of the actions that the puppy must perform. You will have to repeat the material already learned several times. To motivate the dog, you should use rewards, you can treat it to carrots or cheese, and then you yourself will notice that the dog is trying and striving to achieve new results.

Despite the fact that upbringing and training can take a lot of time and nerves, all this will pay off in that you raise a faithful, obedient, and quick-witted animal that will delight you with its character and behavior.


Taking proper care of your Speagle is essential to keeping your beloved pet healthy. The main objects of close attention will be:

  • Wool;
  • Ears;
  • Eyes;
  • Teeth;
  • Claws.

You will need to comb out the coat and clean it with a brush, it is permissible to use a massage mitten as an aid. Frequent bathing of the breed is prohibited, shown no more than once a month, otherwise peeling of the skin and the appearance of constant itching is possible.

Ears are a painful place in animals, in order to avoid infection, regularly examine the organ of hearing for injuries and dirt. It is recommended to clean it once every one to two weeks with a cotton swab. It is recommended to use a wide range of special cleaning agents available in veterinary pharmacies.

The eyes are considered a kind of signaling of the pet’s health. The presence of a daily small discharge in the corners of the eyes should not strain the owner – it is quite normal. You only need to wipe your eyes with a cotton swab.

Teeth and nails require compulsory care. It is recommended to brush the dog’s teeth once a week with the help of special products and to trim the claws in time. This will help to avoid in terms of teeth the formation of tartar and tooth decay, in terms of claws – delamination and breaking off.

What to Feed the Speagle

Proper feeding will ensure your pet’s health. The opportunity is given to feed with natural food or make a choice in the direction of dry food. It is no secret that dry food is considered a balanced combination of components necessary for the healthy development of a dog. You don’t have to think about what to cook, in what proportion, calculate the necessary vitamins and minerals. The choice of dry food is made based on the dog’s growth and lifestyle. It is recommended to select only high-quality feed.

The differences between the diet of an adult and a small dog are only in the proportions. You will need to choose dry food marked “for puppies”. Natural nutrition requires strict adherence to the proportions of meat: 70% meat to 30% porridge. Among cereals, give preference to Greek and rice. Speagle puppies need fermented milk products with the addition of calcined curd. Don’t forget about vegetables. It is shown to periodically feed babies with Phyto vitamins and minerals.


Basically, mestizos have high immunity and are less susceptible to various diseases, but this does not mean that the dog will not be able to contract an infection or other disease throughout its life.

Therefore, the health and condition of the animal must be closely monitored, and if its habitual behavior has changed dramatically, then this is a reason to immediately contact a veterinary clinic.


The combination of the good-natured and gentle Beagle and Cocker Spaniel made the Speagle the perfect companion for older children and seniors. Speagle is very active and loves to hunt and swim. He perfectly understands all commands, not aggressive. Every year, this designer breed is gaining more and more popularity.


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