Stand Up Paddling with a Dog

Although the season is already coming to an end, I would like to draw your attention to a great pastime that can be practiced with almost all dogs. Stand Up Paddling with a dog.

On a mild summer, Sunday, Bruno and I are walking along the Sieg in the German town of Knowledge and see a funny team: A man was going down the river on his stand-up paddling board. The whole thing wouldn’t have been so special if the gentleman didn’t also have his Border Collie Lutz on board, as we found out later. There was an interesting conversation about stand-up paddling with a dog.

What is SUP with a Dog about?

I had them explain why the two go paddling together. “We’re always outside anyway. Most of the time we exhaust ourselves dog scooting or going for long walks in the forest. But if we want to relax a bit, we go out on the Stand-Up Paddle. Since Lutzel is absolutely not afraid of the water and is otherwise a curious and clever pal, we didn’t need much practice. He knows surfing from his beach vacations anyway, and that’s how it actually happened quickly for both of us,” explained Martin, the master of the docile animal.

My interest in SUP was aroused and so I dealt with the topic myself.

Easy Entry into the Hobby for Dog Owners is Possible

What I really like is that SUPping seems to be quite easy. The inflatable surfboards (at least they are mostly) are steered with the help of the paddle. I read in the reports that you can at least stand on the boards after just a few minutes of practice. Of course, it shouldn’t be kept secret if you haven’t yet mastered the SUP like the pros. But you can stand on it and do a few meters. You are always on the safe side if you learn the basics in one of the many SUP courses beforehand. And when it comes to excursions with dogs, you can also book a dog SUP course. Then it’s really safe. Oh, and your dog should of course be interested in (possibly) swimming and be able to do so.

What is that Good for?

There are more trips together than sports for the dog. The paddle excursions together are more of mutual trust, enjoying nature and of course, people and animals can also take a refreshment together in the lake when the water temperatures are warm. However, you should practice beforehand that both come back on deck. It’s more about quality time than action though, that should be clear. Take time out at the lake or, as in Knowledge, on the river and glide over the water. Together with a dog, indescribable.

What Does Something Like that Cost?

An inexpensive SUP is already available for 200 €. The brand boards, as my research has shown, are in the range of 500 € upwards. With devices around €200, you shouldn’t expect these boards to be particularly fast and very durable. Rather, they offer a good start and serve their purpose. On the Internet, it is recommended to spend a little more so that you can have fun with your paddleboard for a long time. In addition, there may be costs for a course (or two 😉 ). You should also give your dog a life jacket.

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