How To: Dogs Don’t Have To Be Expensive, But…

Experienced dog owners will have heard that dogs and small children are sometimes alike. Without wanting to delve further into this theory, I would like to state that there can be overlaps, at least with regard to some cost items. But as with people, there is also the possibility of avoiding exorbitant expenses and saving costs with regard to dogs.

What Does a Dog Really Need?

Sure, anyone who has or has had a dog for a long time, is getting a new loyal companion, or simply wants to expand their pack will already own many of the necessary dog utensils and know what costs they can incur.

However, anyone who has never owned a four-legged friend will quickly lose track of the oversupply of various dog accessories. In addition, the price segments are open even for the basic equipment – if you put your mind to it, whole fortunes can be invested in dog utensils.

But of course, this does not have to be the case. Unlike humans, dogs have different and – as a rule – more rudimentary needs than Homo sapiens, regardless of their breed. Nevertheless, a dog’s entire life requires some investments, even if masters and mistresses limit themselves to the much-cited basics.

Three Grandiose Savings Tips for Two- and Four-Legged Friends

So where are the potential savings hidden? Does this exist at all? Naturally. Basically, as a dog owner, you should always decide for yourself how much money you can and want to spend. Above all, one thing is important: Remember that a dog is a living being and, like humans, has needs that cannot be controlled or eliminated – especially as a puppy.

#1: Find Free Samples, Merchandise, or Free Dog Items!

How do you usually go about making a new purchase for yourself? Of course, you don’t immediately buy the first product that is offered to you, especially when you shop online. You should also do this with articles for your dog.

I don’t have to mention that the prices of the same or similar items can easily be compared on the Internet these days. But did you know that sometimes you don’t have to pay a cent? Search for terms such as free samples of animal feed or similar on the Internet using Google or another search engine.

You will be surprised how many companies sometimes give you high-quality and expensive products or make them available free of charge as sample items.

#2: Create a dog savings account!

I am sure that you are saving money for yourself in some way, whether it is because you want to build up a reserve for bad times or because you have a very specific wish that you cannot immediately afford. So why not do the same for your dog?

Personally, I recommend opening some sort of canine savings account. You can create savings accounts at most banks free of charge, especially if you are already a customer of the respective bank and have your checking account there, for example.

With around 30 euros a month, you should be well protected if you want to buy your dog something special or of high quality, take him on vacation, or realize similar exclusive projects.

However, you should only use your savings for special investments, not for everyday shopping, i.e. not for food or membership fees in the dog sports club.

#3: Live according to the principles of minimalism & sustainability!

I admit without hesitation that of course, I can’t resist now and then and buy my dog ​​a little something that may not be that important to him, but gives me the feeling that I’ve done something good for him.

However, such gifts should be kept within limits, because in the long run, it is those extras that overstrain your wallet in the long term.

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Easter, or New Year’s – the dog celebrates too. With this practical Easter egg tip, your dog will not only have fun looking for eggs but will also be happy about the find.

Rather, the focus should be on actually using dog equipment as long as possible until it is simply no longer possible. Dogs care little about their appearance and don’t need a particularly pretty collar.

You should actually only make a new purchase if it is absolutely necessary – keyword: sustainability. My tip is, therefore: that it is better to spend a little more money and buy products that do not break after the fifth use.

Conclusion: Save and Be Clever Like Your Dog

I hope to have shown you that there are smart ways to save hard cash when it comes to your dog. I’m sure I was only able to present you with a small selection of all the savings options, but I’m sure that one or the other savings tip will be found in the comments of other readers. Of course, we would be happy if you also have a few tips ready for us.

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