The 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Many breeders charge unbelievable sums for their pedigree dogs, so dog lovers have to spend a lot of money for the animals. You can read here which dog breeds are among the most expensive in the world.

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a mixed breed or a breeding dog – every dog is unique and lovable in its own way. Nevertheless, there are dog breeds that are sold for a very high price. Find out which FCI-recognized breeds are some of the most expensive in the world.

This affects the purchase price

Important: Not only the dog breed and age determine how much a dog costs. It is also important whether the dog has been trained and what type of training it has enjoyed. A much higher sum must also be expected for a show dog or a breeding animal.

10th place: Rottweilers

Price: around S1,300

Even-tempered and calm, the Rottweiler is often used as a service and rescue dog. The faithful four-legged friend is also suitable as a family dog. A reputable breeder will charge around $1,300 for a puppy. If the Rottweiler has had special training, the dog will cost far more.

Puppies of other breeds can also cost around $1,000 if they come from a reputable breeder. Do not be tempted by low prices: dogs that are offered cheaply are often ill. The veterinary costs can then be correspondingly high for you.

9th place: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Price: around $1,500

The small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hails from Great Britain and is a cuddly companion dog. Although some breeders offer their spaniel puppies at this price, a show dog costs up to $3,000. Standing about 12 inches at the shoulder, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small dog that many people are happy to pay that amount for.

8th place: Lowchen

Price: around $1,800

The Lowchen or Bichon Petit Chien Lion is a rather rare breed of dog. The lion shearing is characteristic for him, which makes the four-legged friend appear majestic even with his small size. Expect to pay around $1,800 when purchasing a Löwchen. However, breeding animals or lions with special characteristics can cost several thousand euros.

7th place: Chow Chow

Price: around $2,500

A reputable breeder can charge a lot of money for a Chow Chow puppy. Dogs shown at shows or used for breeding cost significantly more. The idiosyncratic Chow Chow is reminiscent of a bear with its thick fur. His powerful appearance helps him in his frequent duty as a guard dog.

6th place: Akita

Price: around $2,500

The Akita is an official national and natural monument of Japan. For puppies of this breed you have to spend a lot of money. The independent and independent Akita absolutely needs a person who has the necessary know-how in dog training.

5th place: Saluki

Price: around $2,500

Breeders charge a steep price for these elegant greyhounds. However, if you want to buy a Saluki from the pure Arabian breeding line, you have to spend a lot more: these animals should cost $10,000 to $12,000. The Salukis should lack the typical canine obedience. They can only be raised with a lot of love and consistency.

4th place: Samoyed

Price: around $5,000

The fluffy Samoyed is originally from Russia, however the first standard for the breed was created in England. They are mainly used as sled and companion dogs. The price of a Samoyed depends heavily on the breeder and their education.

3rd place: Canadian Eskimo Dog

Price: around $5,000

This breed specializes in working as a sled dog, which makes it unsuitable as an ordinary family dog. The robust dogs adapted to the arctic climate are among the most expensive dogs in the world. The high price is mainly due to the rarity of the breed: outside of its home country, this breed of dog is hardly widespread.

2nd place: Pharaoh Hound

Price: around $6,000

The elegant Pharaoh Hound or Pharaoh Hound definitely belongs on the list of the most expensive dogs in the world. He sports short and glossy fur that further accentuates his graceful appearance. The elegant dog is also a passionate hunter.

1st place: Do Khyi

Price: around $7,000

The Do Khyi, also called Tibetan Mastiff or Tibetan Mastiff, is probably the most expensive dog breed in the world. The mighty dog is imposing and heavy. With its lion-like mane, the Do Khyi is a popular status symbol in China.

A Tibetan Mastiff was sold for an incredible sum of money: The 90-kilogram male Dazhewang was auctioned off at a luxury pet fair in China for the equivalent of 1.4 million euros. Even if you don’t normally have to spend that much money for a Do Khyi, you should definitely reckon with a certain sum.

Please note: the rarer and more exclusive a dog breed is, the more scammers will be drawn to it. Only buy pedigree dogs from reputable breeders where you can get an idea of the housing conditions on site. Many dogs are also waiting for a new home in animal shelters!

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