This is What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Says About Its Well-Being

How the dog is lying can say a lot about how comfortable it is or how deeply it sleeps. Find out here what your dog’s sleeping position says about his well-being.

Dogs always fascinate us – even when they are sleeping. In order to rest, dogs choose certain lying positions. They often choose these based on their well-being: Dogs that are completely relaxed usually lie differently than those who feel insecure in their surroundings. Read here how you can tell how your dog is doing when he is sleeping.

The side sleeper

Dogs often lie on their side when they want to take a short nap. However, some dogs sleep in this position for several hours.

When your dog sleeps in this position, he feels safe and secure in his surroundings. He shows his stomach very open, which theoretically makes him vulnerable. However, since the dog feels comfortable, it does not feel the need to protect it and can sleep undisturbed in this position.

The Fox

Dogs assume this sleeping position when they curl up and pull their paws close to their body. The tail is also pulled in and the belly is no longer visible.

It may be that the dog does not feel completely safe in his surroundings and does not want to make himself vulnerable when he sleeps like this. However, since dogs can also generate heat in this way, many dogs choose this sleeping position in winter.

The Stomach Sleeper

If your dog is lying on his stomach while he sleeps with his paws close to his body, he is in the typical stomach sleeper position.

Dogs that sleep like this are probably just taking a little nap. The muscles cannot completely relax in this position, which is why your dog is unlikely to be in a deep sleep. Dogs are quick to get back on their feet from this position.

The superman

This sleeping position is very similar to the stomach sleeper. However, in Superman, the dog’s front legs are stretched forward and the back legs are stretched back.

A dog sleeping in this position can quickly jump back up to start again. He’ll probably just gather strength for a moment. Puppies often lie in this position, taking a short break while playing.

The back sleeper

Just like dogs sleep on their stomachs, some also like to lie on their backs. They stretch out all their paws and look relaxed.

These are dogs that choose this position, mostly too. After all, they show their stomach completely unprotected. This shows trust and your dog feels comfortable. Also: Dogs can cool down well in this position, which is why they often choose this sleeping position in summer.

Only with owner

Some dogs sleep best when their caregiver is lying next to them. If your dog enjoys snuggling with you and falls asleep in this position, it shows true trust and a strong bond. Your dog feels comfortable and secure with you.

All dogs will adopt different sleeping positions over the course of their lives. You can tell when and where your dog feels particularly comfortable. Even when the dog is sleeping, its body language clearly shows us how it is doing.

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