Why do people yell sue while calling a pig?

Introduction: The Strange Phenomenon of Yelling "Sue" at Pigs

Have you ever been to a farm and heard someone yell "sue" while feeding the pigs? It might sound strange to outsiders but this phrase has been used for generations to call pigs to their food. The origins of this phrase and its effectiveness have been the subject of much debate and research. In this article, we will explore the history and psychology behind this phenomenon and dispel some common myths surrounding it.

The Origins of the Phrase "Suey" in Pig Calls

The phrase "suey" is believed to have originated from the French word "souez" which means "to urge on." In the early 19th century, French settlers brought this phrase to Louisiana where it was adapted by English speakers as "sooie" or "suey." Over time, it became a common phrase used to call pigs to their food.

Interestingly, the original French word "souez" was not specifically used for calling pigs but for urging on any animal. It was also used as a hunting cry to encourage dogs to chase prey. However, over time, the phrase became associated with pig feeding and is now primarily used for that purpose.

How "Suey" Became Associated with Pig Feeding

One theory as to why "suey" became associated with pig feeding is that the early settlers in Louisiana used this phrase to call their pigs to eat. As more English speakers moved into the area, they adopted the phrase and it became a staple of pig farming in the region.

Another theory suggests that the sound of the phrase itself may have attracted pigs to their food. Pigs have been shown to be attracted to high-pitched, squeaky sounds, and the "suey" call may have provided the perfect pitch to catch the pigs’ attention.

Regardless of how it originated, "suey" has become a common phrase used to call pigs in many parts of the world.

Regional Variations and Similar Phrases for Calling Pigs

While "suey" is the most commonly used phrase for calling pigs in the United States, other countries have their own variations. In England, for example, the phrase "pig, pig, pig" is often used. In Australia, "sooee" is the most popular phrase.

There are also many other phrases used around the world to call pigs, including "come, piggy" and "here, piggy piggy." While the specific phrase may vary, the goal is always the same – to attract the pigs to their food.

The Psychology behind Yelling while Feeding Pigs

Yelling while feeding pigs may seem counterintuitive since it could create unnecessary noise and stress for the animals. However, studies have shown that pigs are actually attracted to this type of noise.

Pigs are social animals and are naturally curious. They are attracted to sounds and will often investigate anything new in their environment. The sound of a person yelling "suey" or a similar phrase may pique the pigs’ curiosity and encourage them to come to their food.

The Effectiveness of Yelling "Suey" in Pig Feeding

While there is no definitive answer as to how effective yelling "suey" is in pig feeding, many farmers swear by this method. It is a simple and low-cost way to call pigs to their food and has been used for generations.

However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of yelling "suey" may depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the pig herd, the type of food being offered, and the environment in which the pigs are kept.

Tips for Calling Pigs with "Suey" or Similar Phrases

If you are new to pig farming or are unsure how to effectively call your pigs to their food, there are a few tips you can follow. First, make sure you are using a high-pitched, clear voice when calling your pigs. This will help to catch their attention and encourage them to investigate.

Next, make sure you are offering your pigs high-quality food that they will be eager to eat. Pigs are more likely to respond to a food that they enjoy.

Finally, be consistent in your use of the "suey" call. Pigs thrive on routine and will quickly learn to associate this phrase with their food.

Misconceptions and Myths about Yelling at Pigs

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the practice of yelling at pigs. Some people believe that it is cruel to yell at animals, while others believe that it is ineffective or unnecessary.

However, studies have shown that pigs are not negatively impacted by this type of noise and may even be attracted to it. Additionally, as we have discussed, yelling "suey" or a similar phrase can be an effective and low-cost method of calling pigs to their food.

The Ethics of Yelling at Animals for Feeding Purposes

While there is no evidence to suggest that yelling at pigs is harmful or cruel, it is important to consider the ethics of using animals for food production. This is a complex and contentious issue with many different opinions and perspectives.

Some people believe that animals should not be kept in captivity or used for food production at all, while others believe that it is a necessary part of our food system. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it is important to ensure that animals are treated with respect and care at all times.

Conclusion: The Continuing Mystery of "Suey" and Pig Calls

The origins and effectiveness of yelling "suey" at pigs may remain a mystery, but one thing is clear – this phrase has been used for generations to call pigs to their food. Whether you are a seasoned pig farmer or just starting out, understanding the history and psychology behind this phenomenon can help you to effectively feed and care for your animals.

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