Why do tigress live longer than tigers?

Introduction: Why tigresses live longer than tigers?

Tigers are one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet, but their population has been declining rapidly over the past few decades. While both male and female tigers face numerous hardships in the wild, tigresses tend to have longer lifespans in comparison to tigers. This difference in lifespan has been a subject of much research and debate. In this article, we will explore the various factors that influence tigress longevity and examine the different reasons why tigers have a shorter lifespan.

Life expectancy difference: Tigresses vs tigers

The average lifespan of a tigress is roughly 15-16 years, while that of a tiger is around 10-12 years. Research suggests that this difference in lifespan is due to several factors, including hunting and territorial behavior, testosterone levels, and mortality rates.

While tigers live in the same habitat as their prey, tigresses tend to be more efficient hunters as they are smaller and more agile than their male counterparts. This means that tigresses are better at securing prey, which is crucial for their survival. Also, tigresses tend to be less territorial, which reduces their exposure to danger in the wild. These factors contribute to their longer lifespan in comparison to tigers.

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