Yorkillon: Yorkie & Papillon

The Yorkillon is a mix of two popular purebred dogs: the Yorkshire Terrier and the Papillon. They are tiny, cheerful, cute, and curious creatures. They are happy to spend any time with the owner – and play with him, and just lie on their knees. It is difficult to imagine how brave the heartbeats in the chest of this crumb: the mestizo considers it his duty to protect a person’s family from all possible troubles!


It is impossible to predict the appearance of a puppy, even being sure of the breed of its parents. A clue to the dog’s future size can be the size of his paws. At the same time, the color and structure of the coat always remain full of surprises. The coat may be the same as that of the parents. Both breeds have medium to long, silky coat. Basic colors: white, white coat with spots of different sizes, brown, black, and golden.


Yorkillon is often a source of fun, joy, and all kinds of activity. They love to live and do not hide it, moreover, these dogs consider it their duty to instill the same love for life in everyone around them. They are completely unaware of their small size and serve as an endless source of joy for their owners and their friends who come to visit.

However, on the street, things can be a little different. Due to the fact that Yorkillon is not fully aware of his size, he can easily bully larger dogs, and therefore you need to be on the lookout. Both parents breed Yorkillon have this trait.

A high level of energy and an active life position does not allow the dog to be idle for a long time. If you live in a private house, she will walk in the yard, look for something to do and maybe even hunt mice or rats. If you live in an apartment, she will try to participate in all family affairs, washing clothes, talking in the kitchen, and playing with children. Dogs get along with children, they can play together and, in general, have fun. But if the child is small, under five years old, it is better not to leave him alone with the dog.

Despite its small size, Yorkillon can perfectly serve as a watchman, and alert you to the approach of any disturbing creatures, whether it be stray dogs or suspicious people. Yorkillon can bark loudly. It also has a negative side – if you live in an apartment, sometimes this barking can melt the brain not only for yourself but also for your neighbors. You will need to pay attention to education and obedience training since if the dog is spoiled, its character will deteriorate and it will be extremely difficult to deal with the negative sides of the personality.


The main, basic rule in the training of any dog, including Yorkillon, is the undivided contact of the trainer and his subject. Often these dogs love to practice. These dogs definitely need to be taught basic commands, as well as put a lot of emphasis on undoing commands, so that you can silence your pet at the right time, even if he really wants to bark at night just like that. Or start barking at a big and dangerous dog on the street. If you see that the puppy commits any unwanted actions, then they must be stopped and suppressed immediately. Otherwise, it can become a habit.

To make Yorkillon easier to learn, you need to interest him. Promise him for good behavior a delicious surprise or delicacy. But do not forget that this should be cheese or bread, cut into small pieces, and not sweet foods. For success, you can scratch the dog’s neck.

Raising a Yorkillon would not be complete without socializing the puppy, i.e. developing the skill of calm behavior in any environment and situation. To do this, as soon as the post-vaccination quarantine ends, start slowly taking the baby with you to noisy places (market, supermarket), teach him to travel by car and the subway, introduce him to other dogs.
Encourage and reassure your pet if you notice that he is afraid or nervous, but immediately suppress the slightest manifestations of aggression or just unrestrained barking.

Conditions of Detention

If you decide to start a Yorkillon, then the first thing you need to know is the conditions of detention. Be sure to give the new resident the territory in your house. Set up a place for him to sleep, feed, play (buy special toys), and a toilet.

It is advisable to somehow enclose this territory so that you can leave the puppy alone without fear for him. After all, his curiosity and liveliness of character can lead to unpleasant consequences. The puppy will definitely want to explore the territory, unfamiliar things, and it is better if this happens in front of you.

Think about the things in your home that could harm your pet – fast-closing doors, home furnishings. Chemicals and houseplants are best removed to a safe height for Yorkillon. Most animals love to gnaw leaves, and among indoor plants, there are many toxic ones, not to mention the fact that he can simply knock them over, break them.

Make sure that there are no small objects lying on the floor that could arouse interest in the puppy and harm him – threads, needles, badges, change, etc. Puppies love to chew on anything, even electrical wires, so they also need to be hidden away from the dog’s inquisitive face. Keep a new resident of your house under supervision, if he tries to do something illegal, immediately stop the attempts, strictly saying “no”.

Briefly about Feeding

First, you need to buy food for your new friend. It is better to ask the breeder which one he used, and if a different one is preferable for you, then very gradually, adding new food, transfer the pet to a new species. You need to feed the puppy from a saucer, you will also need a saucer for water or a stationary drinker.


Yorkillon sheds little, the coat can be trimmed to be shorter. To take care of your pet you need to buy a special hairbrush, a metal comb, good shampoo, and conditioner for dogs. Brush your dog daily or every other day, gently, take your time, and do not tug on matted hair. Don’t forget about your belly and neck. After combing, go over the wool with a metal comb, so you can see missing areas, tangles, clumps. To make combing easier, soak the coat with a dog conditioner half-and-half with water before brushing.

Bathe your pet at least once a month using a dog shampoo and conditioner similar to the coat. It is convenient to bathe small dogs in the sink with the help of a shower mixer, after placing a rubber mat there so that their paws do not move apart. After the procedure, Yorkillon should not be allowed to run with wet fur, so that he does not catch any illness due to hypothermia. Better to wrap it in a towel, and after a while dry the wool with a hairdryer.

Be sure to monitor the condition of your dog’s teeth – remove tartar and perform other dental procedures in a timely manner. Teeth are an indicator of proper pet care and balanced nutrition. And although manufacturers of dry dog ​​food claim that teeth are cleaned of plaque in the process of chewing their products, do not believe it. There is no substitute for toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Yorkillon eyes are cleaned daily, ears 2-3 times a week. The nails are trimmed 3 times a month.


Unlike purebred dogs, nature has endowed Yorkillon with a stronger constitution, which allows it to withstand external influences. However, a mixed breed is not immune to life-threatening ailments and can sometimes inherit the following diseases of the parent breeds: patellar dislocation, hypoglycemia, tracheal collapse, vision problems, open fontanelle, postscripts syndrome, and reverse sneezing. Yorkillon representatives also need preventive check-ups, proper nutrition, and care. Usually, these are healthy dogs.


Yorkillons are smart, playful, outgoing, and inquisitive children who are too confident in themselves, therefore, need constant supervision. They bark loudly but do not bite. Special attention should be paid to the socialization of such pets so that they grow up as obedient and balanced animals.



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