Yorkipom: Yorkie & Pomeranian

The Yorkie and Pomeranian cross is very popular right now. Yorkipom is becoming a great option for people who love both Yorkies and Pomeranians. Yorkipom puppies are incredibly cute! There are no standards for height, weight, and color. Life expectancy up to 16 years. Only purebred parents are crossed. The exact nature and appearance cannot be predicted.

Breeding Features

Metis is a dog obtained by crossing two purebred dogs of different species. By themselves, the Pomeranian and Yorkie are pretty cute decorative dogs. That is why mixing these breeds is becoming more and more popular.

Obtaining such hybrids is referred to as design selection. A prerequisite for successful crossbreeding is that the girl and the boy must be purebred or both parents must be a mixture of a Yorkie and a Spitz. As a result, puppies are obtained with a bright personality and unique appearance.

Common Features of Yorkie and Pomeranian

  • Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of decorative dogs today. The main character traits of this breed are soft nature, good nature, these dogs can rarely be angry with someone, they are not vindictive and very loyal to their owner. This is one of the affectionate dogs. Yorkie is famous for its appearance: smooth and long coat, which varies from golden to deep black color. Despite the small size of the dog, it has a rather strong and strong-willed character. Yorkie is, albeit a small, but terrier, therefore, this breed has adopted many of the characteristic features for terriers.
  • The Pomeranian is one of the most friendly, joyful, and playful dogs around. The Spitz is an intelligent dog that can learn a variety of commands in a short time. They love children, love to be in the company of people. If a Pomeranian was properly raised from a very early age, then he could well become a good companion and friend for a person at any age. This breed is distinguished by its loyalty and devotion, and in combination with excellent external data, not a single person can pass by.

Yorkipom Personality

Pomeranian and Yorkie have both similarities and differences in character. Therefore, when crossing, it is necessary to carefully select parents. If the Pomeranian was gentle and good-natured, and the Yorkie showed himself as a persistent and strong-willed animal, then the mestizo can have a nervous and aggressive character. Therefore, dogs – parents should be close in temperament to each other. Otherwise, difficulties may arise in the future with the upbringing of a mestizo.

If a cross between a Yorkie and a Pomeranian really has a complex disposition, then training from professional dog handlers will help to correct its character, since the animal is easy to train.

Any dog ​​that is born through the crossing of two breeds has its own characteristics, both in character and in appearance, which are difficult to predict in advance. The genetic factors of the parents, the characteristic features of each of the breeds, influence, therefore it is quite difficult with such puppies.

External Features of Yorkipom

No professional dog breeder can guarantee a certain size for an adult mixed-breed dog. Since both parents are animals with miniature sizes even in adult form, the mixture of Yorkie and Pomeranian will have approximately the same small sizes. However, there are times when an adult mestizo can be twice as large as its parents.

Each newborn cross between a Pomeranian and a Yorkie has some of its own distinctive features that can only be inherent in this dog. These designer dogs are bred by professionals especially for lovers of Yorkshire Terrier and  Pomeranian breeds. Initially, the purpose of such crossing was to consolidate external data and certain character traits in some kind of harmonious “variant”.


Caring for a cross between a Yorkie and a Pomeranian practically does not differ from the maintenance of purebred representatives of these breeds.

The coat is the most difficult to care for, as it can differ significantly from the parent. If your puppy has a thick coat like a Pomeranian, use a long-haired dog shampoo. Bathe your pet no more than once every two months. Use dry shampoo for stubborn stains. Dry your dog completely with a hairdryer. Do not let it dry naturally to avoid skin problems and the formation of fungus and eczema.

It is considered ideal when a half-year-old puppy has wool touching the ground. Usually, the fur grows by 10-20 mm per month. In an adult hybrid, wool grows much more slowly.

It is necessary to take care of the dog from birth. If the air in the house is dry, moisten it with additional products so that the pet’s coat shines and does not dry out. If your dog’s coat doesn’t look healthy, take care of your pet’s health.

Also, the following factors can influence the pet’s coat and skin:

  • poor diet;
  • insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals;
  • spending a long time in the sun;
  • the use of low-quality cosmetics for hair care;

When caring for a mestizo, observe the following rules:

  • nutrition should be balanced;
  • walks in the fresh air – regular;
  • grooming should be done regularly.

If your pet loses hair, peels off the skin, and forms dandruff, contact your veterinarian immediately. Lack of proper care can lead to dog hair loss.

Wipe your eyes every day with sterile wipes, trim your nails as they grow back. Also, monitor your teeth to avoid tartar formation.


It is better to feed Yorkipom with specialized premium dry food. If you prefer a natural diet, be sure to include:

  • lean chicken and veal, offal;
  • buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, corn grits;
  • any vegetables except potatoes and leeks;
  • fruits;
  • fermented milk products (low-fat cottage cheese and kefir).

Conditions of Detention

These hybrids get along well with other pets and are very fond of children. To avoid injury, do not leave your child and puppy alone. They love to walk, so they are suitable for people who prefer an active lifestyle, but they can also adapt to the habits of older people.

When equipping a place in an apartment, do not give preference to walk-through areas, corridors, so as not to step on the dog. They prefer to live next to the owner in the room, then they do not feel lonely.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Both breeds are indoor decorative, with a lot of positive qualities. Their litter will have a number of benefits:

  • unusual appearance;
  • friendliness and dedication;
  • a sharp mind and quick wit;
  • cheerful and perky disposition;
  • ability to train and learn;
  • lack of aggression;
  • excellent empathic indicators.

Despite all the advantages, mestizos can also have a number of disadvantages:

  • problems with hair and skin;
  • lack of breed standards;
  • the possibility of diseases of varying severity with an unsuccessful choice of parents.



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