Vitamin B

Recently many people are asking me if Vitamin B is good for our pets, it seems we all have different idea’s so I asked Catherine O’Driscoll and she comments:-B is a range of vitamins, all water soluble, so the general concensus is that too much only produces expensive pee. 

No symptoms reported with excess intake of B1, although injections may very rarely cause hypersensitivity reactions.B2, no symptoms reported, although may cause yellow urine.  So safe it is used as a food colourant.  B6, excess symptoms noticed only  with minimum daily intakes of more than 200mg taken for at least one year.  Unstable gait with numbness in the feet and hands. 

Changes in the feeling in the lips and tongue. B12, no reaction reported from oral use, very rarely an allergic reaction from injections.  Pantothenic acid, no excess symptoms known.Biotin, no excess symptoms reported.  Folic acid – in amounts of more than 15mg daily, loss of appetite, nausea, flatulence, abdominal distension, sleep disturbances. 

No problems with lower intake.  On the other hand, the B vitamins do so MUCH good for the body:Metabolism of RNA and DNA, blood formation, genetic code transmission, resistance to infections, converts glucose into energy in muscles and nerves, needed to repair and maintain body tissues and mucous membranes, needed for formation of brain substances, formation of nerve impulse transmitters, anti depressant, anti-allergy, maintains healthy myelin sheath ….. etc, etc etc.

The list of deficiency symptoms is much, much longer than the list for excess intake.  For example, nerve degeneration causing tremors, psychosis, mental deterioration, menstrual disorders, anaemia symptoms, depression, skin disease, PMT, kidney stones, bloodshot eyes, tired eyes sensitive to light, inflamed tongue and lips, scaling of skin around the face, hair loss, trembling, dizziness, insomnia, slow learning, cracks and sores in corners of mouth, beri-beri.  (and there’s more!)But as always best to discuss this with your vet.Happy trainning.

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