The Right Location for the Rabbit Enclosure

In addition to the type and size of the rabbit enclosure, the location also plays an important role in ensuring that your rabbits feel comfortable and stay healthy. You should consider these points when choosing the location for the rabbit enclosure.

For the right location of the rabbit enclosure, different things have to be considered. The most important is the protection against extreme weather conditions, the noise level in the area around the enclosure, and the air quality.

The right environment for the rabbit enclosure

Rabbits are naturally skittish flight animals that are mainly active in the mornings and evenings. During the day they rest a lot. So that they can spend the day undisturbed, their enclosure should be in a quiet place.

The animals get used to everyday noises very quickly. Noise from loud music, television, shouting, barking dogs, etc., on the other hand, are stress factors and should be avoided at all costs. Children’s rooms are not suitable rooms for the rabbit enclosure, nor is the living room.

The right temperature at the location of the rabbit enclosure

The location of the rabbit enclosure should protect your rabbits from a wide variety of weather conditions. Protection from drafts and heat is particularly important. Rabbits do not have sweat glands and are very sensitive to heat.

The optimal ambient temperature for rabbits is 18 degrees. Temperatures of more than 25 degrees are stressful and can quickly lead to heatstroke. It is therefore advisable to choose a location that is bright but protected from direct sunlight (especially at midday).

The enclosure should always offer the rabbits enough space in the shade. This is an important point for both indoor and outdoor keeping.

When keeping rabbits outside, you should also make sure that the animals are protected from moisture and rain and always have access to a dry, warm place.

Good air around the rabbit enclosure

Fresh air must be provided at the location of the rabbit enclosure. Of course, you shouldn’t smoke in the rabbit room! Passive smoking also leads to respiratory diseases and other ailments in pets.

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