Overview Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are among the most popular small animals in Germany. We have put together an overview of the most well-known dwarf rabbit breeds.

If you get a pet, you also have a lot of responsibility for it. Especially with small animals like rabbits, the cost and workload are often underestimated. The animals must be kept, cared for, and fed in pairs at least, they need a large, species-appropriate enclosure and must be kept busy. Running free, daily health checks and preventive care at the vet should not be neglected.

Once the decision has been made, the only question left is which rabbits it should be. There are many different breeds of rabbits in different sizes, colors, and coat textures. Dwarf rabbits are particularly popular. We have put together an overview of the most well-known dwarf rabbit breeds:


The ermine has a very distinctive head, which is relatively small in relation to the rest of the body. Special features are the broad forehead and snout as well as the large eyes. His ears, on the other hand, are downright tiny, giving the impression of a baby rabbit.

Dwarf Race

A special feature of the dwarf rex is the fur. It is particularly dense and is almost perpendicular to the hair floor. Due to the short coat, individual body features are clearly recognizable.

Dwarf ram

The long, drooping ears are characteristic of the dwarf ram. In rabbit breeding, it is the most widespread breed of rabbits, as they combine the essential characteristics of lop ears and dwarf size.

Lionhead rabbit

As the name suggests, the lionhead rabbit has a substantial lion’s mane. The long hair runs from the forehead over the ears to between the shoulder blades. There is also long hair on the cheeks, belly, and both sides of the tail.

Color dwarves

The colored dwarf is probably the most classic image of a rabbit. The head is extremely large in relation to the body. The ears, which are in harmony with the rest, are set straight or close together to slightly V-shaped. The color dwarf is recognized with 50 different colors.

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