10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in The UK

  1. 4 Pug

    Roundhead, square build, and curled tail - this is what a Pug looks like. Wherever he is, his wrinkled face and cheerful nature charm people on the spot. He perfectly finds rapport with other dogs, cats, and also with children. The Pug will perfectly fit into your family and in a short period of time will become an integral part of it.

  2. The English Bulldog is perhaps one of the most bizarre creatures in the canine world. Their modern unusual appearance, which is able to conquer at first sight or repulse, at first sight, is the result of human hands. There is nothing natural in the English Bulldog breed, but this is what allowed them not to disappear from the face of the earth and become the national breed of England.

  3. The Dachshund may be the smallest representative of hounds, but it is undoubtedly the smartest of them. The first thing you pay attention to is the dog's physique. People who know this breed well appreciate Dachshunds for their character, intelligence, hunting abilities, and absolute devotion to their owner.

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